This morning (28th), Seoul was the coldest this fall at -2.3 degrees Celsius.

Even during the day, the cold wind blows all day, so the temperature will not rise significantly.

The sky is clearly visible across the country and the air quality is excellent.

However, as you can see, there is a cloud belt in the west sea, and due to this cloud belt, 1-3cm of snow will fall and accumulate in the Jeju mountains until the day after tomorrow, and less than 1cm of snow will fall tomorrow in northern Chungnam.

Also, starting at 11 am today, a construction warning has been expanded in effect in the east coast area.

The wind is blowing strongly in Jeju Island, where the strong wind warning is in effect. As the wind blows strongly throughout the country today and the atmosphere is dry, you should also pay attention to fire prevention.

Today's daytime temperature will be only 3 degrees in Seoul, and most of the southern regions will be colder all day long.

For the time being, you should take good care of your health as it is below the normal temperature and the cold continues.

(Nam Yujin Weather Caster)