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  • On Wednesday,


    number 318

    will be on newsstands and it's a novelty in bookstores too.

  • For its 40th anniversary, the magazine of the maritime world has modified its formula by increasing its pagination and the themes developed but keeping its iconographic richness and its long articles.

  • And shortly, "subscribers will be able to consult forty years of


    archives on the Internet 

     ," announces Gwendal Jaffry, its editor-in-chief.

A new formula for 

Le Chasse-Marée


For its 40th anniversary, the magazine of the maritime world has offered a major




to recruit new subscribers.

The title currently has 7,500 and is sold 3,000 copies in newsstands with each release.

“The majority of our subscribers are on the Channel-Atlantic coast and in the west of Paris,” explains Gwendal Jaffry, the editor-in-chief of 



He explains to 

20 Minutes 

what will change in number 318 of the magazine on newsstands and in bookstores this Wednesday.

“Le Chasse-Marée” celebrates its 40th anniversary with a new formula.

Is the magazine more in the midlife crisis or in the roaring 40ths?

We are not in the midlife crisis.

It's no secret that sales are declining for the print media in general.

But we're not doing that bad.

We are even doing quite well, we are in balance and in newsstands, we are selling more (+ 7%).

But our economic model is not on advertising but on subscribers, and subscription is not a trend of the young generation.

Our new formula is therefore not linked to the problem of sales but we had to renew ourselves, bring something more because our last evolution - rather measured - dated back to 2011. We had opened the magazine, we made it more accessible .

There, we want other things because the image of the review is not the right one.

Why do you say that the image we have of “Chasse-Marée” is not the right one?

Many think that we are only interested in boats of the past, heritage.

This is not true, we are interested in the entire maritime domain: in traditional boats, yes, but also in contemporary trades and there, we bring new themes: one on ecology in terms of science, another on the environment.

In the next issue, which is the first of the new formula, we have an article devoted to the scallop, another on coastal law with a lawyer.

There is also a report on the kayak descent of the Volga in 82 days or a portrait of Georges Simenon.

What are the other changes to the new magazine format?

We change periodicity from nine issues per year to six.

But we remain almost at the same number of pages over the year because we go from 92 to 132 pages.

It allows the journal to be larger.

This allows us to add our new themes without unbalancing the others.

We are looking for a balance in the subjects between past and present, in boat / man / technique themes and in geography with not only articles on Finistère but also on Asia, Oceania, etc.

Other modifications, we change the paper, we approach a mook format and we arrive in bookstores and not only in the press house.

The model also evolves in great depth.

We keep our iconographic concern by enhancing the photos and our long articles: minimum 8 to 10 pages and there, in the December issue, we find one of 32 pages on the moliceiros, these traditional Portuguese boats decorated with naive art.

But we also have shorter formats on fourteen pages with two to three articles related to the news.

Does your paper offer double up with a digital offer?

Any subscriber to the review is automatically a digital subscriber.

For now, subscribers only had access to ten years of archives.

Soon, they will be able to consult forty years of archives.

Pure digital subscribers are not numerous.

Sailors at sea appreciate having the magazine at home and being able to take

Le Chasse-Marée

 on their tablet.

The site offers a few articles from the open kiosk to make people want to subscribe.

And on the occasion of certain events, we open articles which approach it.

For the Vendée Globe, we are providing free access to a paper on the history of the Kerguelen Islands that the skippers will see from their boats.


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