"Uncle, the 27th may be the last time we saw each other. Thinking about it, it's really a bit sad."

  On November 27, at Wusong Middle School in Baoshan District, Shanghai, Master Ge, who was on duty at the school gate, received a letter handed by Gao Xinqi, a sophomore student.

  Ge Weiyue is a security guard at Wusong Middle School. November 27th is his retirement day.

What he didn't expect was that on the last day of his post, he unexpectedly received a letter from the student, which made his retirement full of ritual.

  "During this year, the necessary greetings to come to you every morning has become a part of my life. It is like a conditioned reflex. I feel that my life on this day has gotten a good start when I see you. Say hello to you, and then hurry into the campus to go to class. You will always care if I have breakfast and what I ate, and ask me if I bring an afternoon snack. Haha, it's really like my family in school. It may be because of my overly optimistic and cheerful personality. You gave me the name "Pistachio", and I really like it! Haha, it’s too appropriate!..." Gao Xinqi wrote in the letter, the signature of which said, "You Of pistachios".

  Knowing that Master Ge is about to retire, many students are reluctant to let him go.

Gao Xinqi even handwritten an autograph letter overnight.

At the end of school, I personally handed it to Master Ge who was on guard.

  Ge Weiyue used to be a soldier and was also an alumnus of Wusong Middle School. In the post of school security, he has been working hard and working hard. He arrives early every day to welcome batch after batch of students entering the campus at the school gate and measure their body temperature. , Remind them to wash their hands, and Ge Weiyue's optimistic and cheerful personality often infects the students entering the school.

  Ge Weiyue said that he did not expect that this kid would write this thank-you letter to him so hard, and he was very touched. This is his biggest gift for retirement.

  The Paper Journalist Deng Lingwei Correspondent Jin Mengyun Zhong Yufeng