Shima Kaes will take legal action against her ex Johnny de Mol, her legal adviser Karim Aachboun said in a statement on Friday.

Kaes also denies that she contributed to the much-discussed book

De Mol: The Mightiest Media Family


In the unauthorized autobiography, which appeared on Thursday, author Mark Koster writes that Johnny de Mol assaulted his ex Kaes.

Kaes's legal advisers, Aachboun and Ed Aerts, were told by Koster before publication that this incriminating information would be published and Johnny de Mol and his father John de Mol handed over a letter via a bailiff.

In exchange for a settlement amount, the passages about the relationship would not end up in the book.

The De Mol family did not leave it at that and filed a report against Aachboun and Aerts of an attempted threat, a form of extortion without violence.

According to the report, which is in the possession of

De Telegraaf

, De Mol and Kaes had a turbulent love affair, but there was no mistreatment.

"We note that our client was the ex-fiancée of Mr. Johnny de Mol and that the client has never spoken to the media about this matter out of pity for the family," Aachboun writes in a written statement on behalf of Kaes.

"Now that the client is being unfairly attacked by the family, she is forced to defend herself against this."

The declaration is filed in the Netherlands, Mexico and Spain.

Kaes is also taking legal action against author Koster because she would not have cooperated with the book.

"On the contrary, we announced to Mr. Koster before his book that we would start summary proceedings against him because of his announcement to publish incriminating private information (of my client) in the short term."

Author Koster says he has enough proof

Author Koster told on Wednesday that he had enough evidence for what he describes in his book and says that at this time he had not responded to requests to water down the material in his book in any way.

According to Koster, the 608-page book contains only a small passage about the affair of De Mol and Kaes.

"Chapter 92, out of my head. It describes how John de Mol himself attempts to leash Johnny's wives. But this biography is about the whole family. Four generations. Starting in 1931, ending in 2020."