Ozzy Osbourne regrets cheating on his wife Sharon in 2016 by starting an affair with his hair stylist.

"I regret it very much and never do that again," said the 71-year-old singer on Friday in the British magazine



Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were married in 1982 and have three children together.

In 2016, the two broke up briefly due to Osbourne's affair.

"I've done some terrible things in my life. (...) After my affair, I went through a reality check and I'm lucky she didn't leave me," continues Osbourne.

"I broke her heart."

The Black Sabbath singer's adultery sparked a family crisis within the Osbournes.

At the time, Sharon Osbourne announced in her national talk show

The Talk

that she would end her marriage after more than thirty years.

Daughter Kelly Osbourne then out of anger posted the phone number of her father's affair, Michelle Pugh, on social media.

She also called on her followers to call that number when they needed "a cheap haircut and sexual acts".

A few months after the incident, the two announced that they would still be together.

He then explained that their marriage is experiencing ups and downs.

"On the days when things are going badly you have to keep your back straight and make sure you come back strong. You make mistakes and it is important that you learn from them."