Comedian Sébastien Thoen, presenter of the "Journal du hard" on Canal +, took part in an internet sketch parodying the program "L'heure des pros", hosted by Pascal Praud on CNews.

He was fired by the encrypted channel a few days later, according to information from L'Equipe. 

A sketch which obviously did not make laugh at Canal +.

Comedian Sébastien Thoen, presenter of the "Journal du hard" and columnist, was fired by the encrypted channel according to information from


, published Friday.

His fault ?

Have participated in a parody of the show "L'heure des pros", broadcast on the continuous news channel CNews, which belongs to the same group as Canal +. 

In a video published a week ago on social networks by Winamax, Sébastien Thoen and his friend Julien Cazarre hijack the famous show presented by Pascal Praud, under the title "L'heure des forecasts".

They evoke a Ligue 1 match between Lille and Lorient, with many racist and humorous remarks. 

“We don't know the subjects better than you do, but we get paid, that's the difference.


Pascal Prono, Michel Saindoux, Jérôme Leroi-Merlu, Lionel Messiha: #LesSopronos present the time of the predictions.

- Winamax Sport (@WinamaxSport) November 19, 2020

Sébastien Thoen in "Lionel Messiha", a reference to Jean Messiha

Sébastien Thoen plays a character named "Lionel Messiha", a reference to Jean Messiha, former member of the National Rally and regular speaker of "L'heure des pros".

Julien Cazarre, for his part, plays a Pascal Praud (Pascal Prono in the video) portrayed in the process of getting upset regularly, accusing his columnists of "denying reality" and attacking a guest classified on the left.

Sébastien Thoen, for his part, takes an accent and multiplies the amalgamations and xenophobic remarks. 

The sequence aroused the hilarity of many Internet users.

Jean Messiha himself shared the footage on his Twitter account and had fun. 

Weak point: too strong.

Me is Jean.

Not Lionel.

- Jean MESSIHA (@JeanMessiha) November 20, 2020

Neither Sébastien Thoen nor Canal +, contacted by 


, wished to comment for the moment.