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  • The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda finally arrive on Corvus.

  • Din Djarin and the orphan will meet two strong women there.

  • Revelations are made on Baby Yoda.

Last week, we left the heroes on their way to planet Corvus where Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) must find Jedi Ahsoka Tano in order to entrust Baby Yoda to her.

He is unaware that a beacon placed on his ship, the Razor Crest, informs his sworn enemy about his slightest movements.

The Jedi,

fifth episode of season 2 (chapter 13 of the series) is written and directed by Dave Filoni, pillar of the

Star Wars


who has worked on animated series.

This is one of the darkest episodes of this season where the director pays homage to both westerns and swordplay movies while also teaching us more about Baby Yoda's origins.

The Star Wars: "The Mandalorian" series is mainly shot inside "The Volume", a large room with several LED screens that allow you to shoot CGI backgrounds live and with various effects such as Raytracing to have realistic shadows / effects.

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It's not the party on Corvus, a sinister planet ruled by the Magistrate (Diana Lee Inosanto) and a mercenary in her pay.

The inhabitants are terrified and only Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) stands up to them.

The Magistrate threatens to liquidate the population if she does not surrender.

The Jedi gives him a week to submit on pain of retaliation.

Work for Mando

Barely arrived, Din Djarin is summoned to the Magistrate.

She offers him to kill Ahsoka Tano, arguing that the Mandalorians and Jedi are long-standing enemies.

She promises him a pure bescar spear (the material from which Mando's armor is made) if he accomplishes this mission.

Din Djarin pretends to accept and presents Baby Yoda as his lucky charm when the Mercenary asks him about the creature he is hugging.

In the forest, Din Djarin is jumped on by Ahsako Tano but interrupts their fight by revealing to him that he is sent by Bo-Katan.

The meeting with Baby Yoda is overwhelming.

He extends his little green arms to the Jedi who cracks in front of him.

The spectator is dying of jealousy.

Baby Yoda in the hot seat

Miracle: Ahsako Tano can communicate telepathically with Baby Yoda.

She reveals her name: Grogu.

He was trained for years in a Jedi temple on Coruscant.

He was exfiltrated from there after the Clone Wars and was in hiding but has no recollection of what happened next.

The Jedi offers to test Grogu's abilities when Mando tells her that he still has some powers.

Grogu refuses to levitate the stone presented to him by Ahsako Tano but lifts the silver ball from the gear lever of the Razor Crest, his favorite toy since he discovered the ship.

The Jedi announces that she will not train Grogu because his trauma could make him dangerous if he regains all his powers.

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Mando to the rescue

It is Din Dajrin's turn to haggle.

He'll help the Jedi get rid of the Magistrate if Ahsako Tano then agrees to educate Grogu.

We learn that the Magistrate's name is Morgan Elsbeth and that she went to the Empire's side after the death of her relatives.

Mando and she confront the Magistrate and the Mercenary whom they end up defeating.

Ahsako Tano asks his enemy to reveal to him where is Grand Admiral Thrawn (a formidable villain seen in the animated series



Here we go again !

Back in a city delivered from the yoke of the Magistrate, Ahsoka Tano offers Din Djarin the spear in bescar but she still refuses to teach Grogu.

Confident in the filial relationship between Mando and Grogu, she sends them to the Thython planet where there is an ancient Jedi site.

There, Mando will have to put Grogu on a sacred stone at the top of a mountain so that the latter can choose his path.

Perhaps then one of the few surviving Jedi will show up.

Could a Luke Skywalker appearance be possible?

Answer next week.


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