3 health risks of eating ready-made juices daily

Ready juices come as one of the constant ingredients in the breakfast of many, believing that they are among healthy foods.

The "Conculto" website explained 3 serious risks when consuming a cup of ready-made juice daily, according to a study published in the American journal "JAMA".

The website stated that ready-made juices are available in grocery stores

It contains cups of sugar and the preservative equivalent to a can of soda.

The site identified 3 risks of consuming ready-made juices:

1- Weight gain

As the consumption of these juices constantly increases insulin resistance in the body, with the passage of time, diabetes rises and the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area increases, and thus obesity and the appearance of the rumen.

2- Type 2 diabetes

Other studies found that people who consumed fruit juices daily were more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, compared to those who consumed a daily fruit as an alternative to juices.

3- Heart problems

In the study published on JAMA, Harvard University researchers found that 168 of the study sample, 1,000 people, died during follow-up from coronary heart disease and coronary arteries, due to daily fruit juice intake, as well as death as a result of a high heart rate.