#Sweet_Sweet ... 4 tips for a healthy dinner

It is known that food is the main attraction and criterion for the success of any party, and it often sticks in the minds of the guests for days to come, but what many do not know is that you can always make the menu in your party full of delicious and healthy items at the same time.

Here are tips from India Gate experts on how to add healthy touches to your festive feast menu:

A welcome from the heart

The ideal host starts his dinner party with welcome, non-alcoholic beverages such as pancakes, mocktails and natural cocktails that soothe the atmosphere, rather than sparkling drinks, soda and soft drinks.

You can prepare an instant juice or punch from one of the most delicious fruits.

For soft drink lovers, it would be great to offer frozen fruit juices or flavored water.

Pre-soaked chia seeds can be added to the syrup.

They are excellent ways to provide your body with fiber, protein and healthy fats.


Appetizers and hand-eaten items are the first things guests want and they usually eat with their drinks, so make sure to offer healthy aperitifs at your party.

You can prepare delicious appetizers using quinoa, oats, flax seeds, etc. These healthy ingredients can be used in many popular appetizers, such as pies, wraps, chips, etc.

Main dishes

The main dishes are usually a selection of specialties.

And since your guests will feel full from the starters, you can serve curry with rice or bread as a main dish.

Replace white rice with sprouted brown, as it is rich in nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorous, in addition to fiber.


It is known that we get most of the fat that we do not need through sweets, and that no matter how full you feel, you can always eat sweets, but making healthy desserts is easier than you think, and this will make your party a healthy conclusion par excellence.

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