Mask waste has become a new environmental problem as mask wear became a daily routine after the coronavirus began, and there is a university student who made a chair out of discarded masks.

Let's see how we came up with this idea.

[Kim Haeul/Kyewon University of Arts Living Design Department: Corona broke out and, in fact, in the beginning of March and April, I wasn't very alert.

Even if the disposable mask was only on my desk, 30 sheets were wasted a month.

I make furniture.

But I also want to recycle the mask.

Let's do this once.

It is usually a triple filter, but almost 98% of it is made of polypropylene, the earrings are almost made of rubber, and the wire that tightens the nose is a thin string.

The biggest factor is the filter, so I focused on the filter.

(Beverage) I cut out the can, put a mask on, and applied hot air.

The hot air does not discolor the mask, but melts and liquefies.

Cool and harden.

And when I took it off, it was very hard and the texture was pretty.

(This time) I think it was around March and April.

The first time I made the chair was June.

There are about 1,500 masks in one chair.

They are being collected in schools or hospitals, and there are white/black, which are commonly used, and fashion masks such as pink and blue.

If you make a new mask, there are cases where it doesn't melt, leaving the mask texture. I want to make this process factory and give it mass production. If the mask becomes a chair, I think that it can be a light, a table, and anything else. The power of government or corporate units and worry and try to solve it as big people seriously, I hope the mask off any bins look like this arise such laws, policies.]

▶ is not hagilrae I've tried manually 'mask recycling'