Actress Daria Nicolodi, in the 1980s (undated photo) -

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She was a famous and beloved figure among genre cinema fans.

Daria Nicolodi died this Thursday at the age of 70.

His daughter, actress and director Asia Argento, paid tribute to him by posting several photos on Instagram.

“Rest in peace dear mom.

Now you will be able to fly freely with your great mind and you will not have to suffer anymore, she wrote in comment of her post.

I will try to move forward for your beloved grandchildren and especially for you who never wanted to see me so upset.

Even if, without you, the earth slips under my feet, and I feel like I have lost my only point of reference.

I join with all those who knew and loved her.

I will forever be your Aria [Asia is a pseudonym], Daria.


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Daria Nicolodi, born in Florence (Italy) to a lawyer father and an ancient language teacher mother, is particularly known for her roles in Dario Argento's films.


Frissons de l'angoisse

(1975), where she plays one of the main roles, to


(1987), via


(1980) - which she co-wrote -


(1982) and


(1985) , she appeared in the best Italian Horror Master movies.

Chosen in 1977 to join the cast of


, for which she co-wrote the screenplay, she had to be replaced at the last minute, by Stefania Casini, due to injury.

On the private side, Daria Nicolodi was in a relationship with sculptor Mario Ceroli in the early 1970s. Together, they had a daughter, Anna, who died in 1994 in a car accident at the age of 19. years.

From 1975 to 1985, she shared the life of Dario Argento.

A relationship from which Asia Argento was born.

The latter had chosen her to play the mother of her character in her film Scarlet Diva in 2000.

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