A teacher dies in front of his students while they are teaching "remotely" in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi "Madrasati" platform recorded, on Wednesday noon, the first death of a teacher in a private school in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, while school students were surprised while attending one of the lessons "remotely", that their teacher fell while performing his professional duty, and the teacher died minutes later. His fall.

In the details of the incident, as reported by the Saudi newspaper "Okaz", according to what one of the school's teachers said, he did not know of the death case until after the end of his school hours at 1:30 pm (Wednesday), through letters and contacts received On his mobile phone, which reported the death of a colleague at the same school, of an Arab nationality, explaining that the teacher was not present at the school during the fall, but was teaching students remotely from his home in one of the neighborhoods near his school. 

The teacher, who preferred not to be named, indicated that the students present in their class through the My School platform and the Thames program, were the ones who informed the other teachers, who came to the rescue of their colleague at his home, and also contacted the Red Crescent to direct the case, as the teacher was transferred to the hospital, but he Life difference.