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Blogger, 'influencer' and founder of the cosmetics line U Beauty, Tina Craig revolutionized the networks at the end of September with a post in which she revealed one of her

infallible tricks to show off perfect skin


In his video, he showed how he

massaged his face with coconut milk ice

, a remedy with which he claims to reduce inflammation, fight acne and minimize the effects of the passage of time.

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Simple, inexpensive and effective (as you might deduce from how Craig's dermis glows without any trace of wrinkles or impurities),

the technique instantly went viral


With a cocktail as natural as coconut milk and ice, nothing could go wrong ... could it?

"Skin-icing, which has become so fashionable lately in social networks, is not something so new; what can be done is to

take it to the extreme,

" says Dr. Lidia Maroñas, from the International Dermatological Clinic (Madrid).

According to this specialist, it is based on "the traditional belief that, by applying local cold, we can improve the skin."

This theory is, to a certain extent, correct, since "effectively, in a controlled way, it

helps to contract the capillaries of the skin and to partially reduce congestion, edema and redness



However, he clarifies, this effect is "momentary and

will not improve the quality of the skin


In fact, -he continues- "the direct application of ice on the skin can

be harmful,

producing irritation, inflammation and even

local burns

, especially if we use it as a physical exfoliant, as it appears in the video that has gone viral."

Is it really good against acne and aging?

"As I said, skin-icing is not going to improve the quality of our skin in any case. If we are looking to alleviate the signs of aging or various diseases of the dermis, such as acne,

there are many other treatment options

available that they have been


proven to be


. "

Dr. Maroñas emphasizes that she would not recommend to any of her patients "the application of ice to take care of their skin", although, in certain cases, "you can

keep the moisturizer in the refrigerator

(taking it out 10-15 minutes before using it ) to put it at a low temperature on the skin and thus achieve an indirect soothing and / or antipruritic effect ".

And what do we do with

coconut milk


Should we include it in our list of bedside cosmetics?

"Coconut milk has a high nutritional power and is rich in vitamins with antioxidant action. However,

its direct application on the skin is not recommended

. If we want to hydrate and nourish, it is preferable that we use cosmetics formulated from natural coconut ingredients ", he concludes.

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