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November 25, 2020

Michael B. Jordan wants to join OnlyFans

Michael B. Jordan, who is, let us remember, the sexiest man in the world, expressed the wish to join OnlyFans, a platform which remains strongly associated with sex workers, even if it is basically made for all types of creative content.

However, sorry ladies and gentlemen, it won't be that kind of content for Michael B. Jordan.

The actor wants to dedicate an account… to his mustache!

The goal ?

Raise funds for struggling small businesses.

“I'll be running an OnlyFans.

But I want all the proceeds to go to a hairdressing school, because you know, because of the lockdown, a lot of small businesses and schools have closed.

But yeah, we're going to do it, with my barber, Joe, we're up to something, ”he said on Jimmy Kimmel's set.

A mustache to save small businesses: what are the people asking for?

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Cardi B goes after Wiz Khalifa who plays her against Nicki Minaj

The news of the Grammy nominations continues to spill the news.

While Wiz Khalifa appears to have said that Cardi B, unlike Nicki Minaj, was not a self-made artist, the rapper called him out, accusing him of pitting them against each other. other.

Do this, as noted by E!

Online, she posted messages of encouragement sent by Wiz Khalifa to the



in 2016, when she was still debuting, with a scathing comment.

"They support you when you're deep down, but when you're successful, it's different," she posts, before adding that she doesn't understand why some people "post tweets to show women who are successful against each other ”.

An answer that was enough to push back Wiz Khalifa, who reiterated his support for Cardi B.


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