Cyprus has officially announced that it will send a different artist to the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam than it planned this year.

Singer Sandro has been replaced by Elena Tatsagrinou, who performs with the song

El Diablo


It is not yet known whether various countries will send the same artists as they would have done in 2020.

The Netherlands has already officially announced that Jeangu Macrooy will return as a participant.

Cyprus is the first country to also announce which number it will join.

Although the title of the song has already been announced, there is no version available yet.

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest could not take place due to the corona pandemic.

Rotterdam, which organizes the event, has announced that the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Ahoy in 2021 anyway.

The organization has four different scenarios in case the number of infections has not yet decreased sufficiently or if there is no vaccine yet.

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