group BTS was nominated for the Grammy Awards for the most prestigious popular music award in the United States.

In the conservative and closed Grammy, BTS has been invited as a prize winner and for a performance, but this is the first time nominated.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts have been awarded annually at the Billboard from 2017 and from 2018 at the American Music Awards.

Reporter Kim Soo-hyun reports.


BTS was nominated for the Grammy Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category with'Dynamite', which ranked #1 on the Billboard single chart.

BTS said that it was thanks to the fans and ARMY that made the miracle.

BTS is a regular winner of the American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards among the three major music awards in the United States, but was nominated for the first time in the most prestigious and conservative Grammy.

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The dream of Grammy, which Suga, one of the members of the member, first revealed, was on the Grammy stage as an award winner last year, participated in a Grammy celebration this year, and finally became a nomination at the next year's awards ceremony, gradually becoming a reality.

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Best Pop duo/group performance is not one of the four main prizes of the Grammy, but is considered an important part.

Leading singers like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber were nominated together.

Overseas media reports of the BTS nomination with great importance and pointed out that it was curious that only one category was nominated.

The 63rd Grammy Awards, which will be the stage of BTS' dreams, will be held on January 31 next year.

(Video editing: Jihye So)