New Corona Cluster Occurred at Miyagi Prefectural Assembly 12 Prefectural Assembly Confirmed Infection November 24, 19:44

The Miyagi Prefectural Assembly confirmed that a total of 12 people, including 10 members and 2 council staff, were infected with the new coronavirus, and the prefecture and Sendai City reportedly had a cluster of infected people.

According to Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai City, it is highly possible that the infection spread at a round-table conference held at a restaurant in Sendai City, and 12 people were talking without wearing masks and not keeping a sufficient distance. It means that.

In Miyagi Prefecture, infection was confirmed between Mayor Yuichi Yamada of Shiroishi City and Mayor Hirotoshi Wakao of Tomiya City.

As a close contact of another mayor whose infection has already been announced, a PCR test was conducted on the 23rd, and since the infection was confirmed, both of them had no symptoms and will be in charge of public affairs from the hospital etc. in the future. ..