At 7:00 on November 24, a traffic accident occurred at the Guanzhuanggou Bridge section of Baomao Expressway, Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province.

The command center of the Tongchuan Fire Rescue Detachment immediately dispatched a total of 16 fire trucks and 105 firefighters from Xianfeng Road Special Service Station, Jinyang Road Station, Qiyi Road Station, and Pinyang Road Station to the scene for disposal. The detachment's full-duty headquarters then dispatched police.

At 7:29, the Xianfeng Road Special Service Station arrived at the scene first.

Investigation: At the scene, more than 40 vehicles collided (one of which was a 34-ton methanol tanker), causing more than 10 vehicles to catch fire and many people were trapped.

The first battle force arrived and immediately launched rescue.

At 8:40, the fire had been brought under control and did not spread to a 34-ton methanol tank truck, and two trapped persons were rescued.

On-site rescue is still ongoing.

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