Draft ordinance obliging infected persons to cooperate “Penalty for refusal” Fukuoka Prefectural Assembly November 24, 18:47

The main parliamentary groups of the Fukuoka Prefectural Assembly have compiled a draft ordinance that will guide the countermeasures against infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus.

Infected persons are obliged to cooperate in the investigation of infection routes, and if they refuse, penalties will be imposed. From the 26th, public comments will be made to solicit opinions from the general public.

In the draft ordinance compiled by the major parliamentary groups of the Fukuoka Prefectural Assembly, when a new infectious disease such as the new coronavirus occurs, the prefecture issues its own "warning" and "special caution declaration" to prevent infection by the citizens of the prefecture and businesses. I am seeking compliance with.

In addition, people who were found to be infected were obliged to report information necessary for identifying actions that may have caused the infection and the route of infection to investigations by prefectures, etc., and refused or made false reports. In that case, a fine of 50,000 yen or less will be imposed.

According to the parliamentary secretariat, if an ordinance that imposes penalties and obliges cooperation in the investigation is enacted, "I think there is no example in Japan."

The main parliamentary groups of the prefectural assembly will make public comments from the 26th to the 15th of next month, solicit opinions from the general public, compile the final draft, and submit it to the assembly.

The main parliamentary group wants to avoid the situation where infected people do not respond to the investigation and delay in grasping close contacts, but it is expected that there will be cautious opinions about imposing penalties and requiring cooperation.