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Fans of The Weeknd were still concerned about the star this Sunday when he appeared with his face bandaged, apparently injured.

The singer even went on stage to perform the songs

In Your Eyes


Save Your Tears

with these bandages, before coming to get his prize (for the best album), without having changed.

He also posed with a bare, swollen face.

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Don't panic, the explanation is reassuring: it was in fact a promotional happening linked to his latest album,

After Hours


In the two short films that accompany the titles

Blinding Lights


After Hours

, The Weeknd discusses the dangers of impaired driving.

And it seems he wanted to send a message with this new staging - similar to last August at the MTV Video Music Awards - if we are to believe the American version of




The message

Last August, The Weeknd explained in


the purpose of his song

Blinding Lights


"It's about that time when you want to see someone at night, but you're drunk, and you drive to meet her and you're blinded by the street lights."

But nothing can stop you from going to see this person because you feel lonely.

I don't want to promote drunk driving, but I'm talking about that dark side, ”he said.

No worries, so, we just hope The Weeknd will soon be done trying to get messages across and mess with our emotions!


The Weeknd, Anne Hidalgo and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are among the 100 most influential people, according to "Time"

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