Hans van Zetten will immediately retire as a turn commentator at the NOS, NOS reports Monday.

Recently it became clear that Van Zetten would have tried to oppose an investigation into abuses in gymnastics.

Gymnasts from the Zoetermeer gymnastics association Pro Patria were also involved in this study, of which Van Zetten is an honorary member.

Recent publications also showed that Van Zetten had made inappropriate and hurtful comments about the young gymnasts.

That is why NOS talked to the commentator.

According to NOS, Van Zetten announced in that conversation that he would stop working as a freelance commentator.

Maarten Nooter, editor-in-chief of NOS Sport, thinks it is "a wise decision" by Van Zetten to step down from his duties.

"The statements made do not fit in any way with everything that we, as NOS, stand for. Hans's expertise as a gymnastics commentator is completely beyond dispute, but our profession is also about credibility."

"In 2020, we are still revelations about abuses in the gymnastics world. A NOS commentator must be able to speak and judge about this without prejudice and with respect. And so this is a wise decision, however unfortunate it is that after 34 years ends soon. "

The NOS is very grateful to Van Zetten for his work in figure skating, but especially gymnastics, according to Nooter.

"His expertise, his characteristic voice and his legendary commentary - 'He stands, I stand, it is unprecedented' - are and will remain part of the collective memory of Dutch sport."

72-year-old Van Zetten has apologized in a personal statement for the statements he has made about gymnasts Verona van der Leur, Suzanne Harmes and Gabrielle Wammes.

"In retrospect, I find the sentences harsh and possibly hurtful, and in any case not appropriate for what I stand for as a former coach and national coach."

"For years I have interpreted your great gymnastics performances on TV with a lot of passion. Millions of viewers enjoyed it. And then you certainly do not deserve that I spoke so disdainfully about your testimonials at the end of 2011. For those statements I sincerely apologize for on ", says Van Zetten.