While the federal and state governments in Germany are still racking their brains about how to celebrate Christmas this year without risking the further spread of the novel corona virus, there is relief news from the USA.

Apparently, a medicine manufacturer from Lynchburg, Tennessee has succeeded in developing a highly effective vaccine that makes you largely immune to the whole holiday hysteria.

Vaccine highly effective

After just a few cans with a delicious cola taste, the active ingredient ensures complete freedom from symptoms, confirms the research team led by Dr.

Jack Daniel the high percentage reliability of the vaccine serum, which is administered orally.

For tougher cases, the substance can also be consumed pure in bottle form, according to Lynchburg, where numerous volunteers have been happy to have themselves tested in recent months.


The good news is: Jack Daniel's is just one of countless biotechnology companies worldwide that can report great successes in the fight against the Christmas plague.

Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker, Jägermeister and Goldkrone proudly announced that their reliable vaccines against annoying family members, unoriginal gifts and foods that are too fatty have already been approved in Europe and are available in sufficiently large rations in German supermarkets.

Virologists recommend vaccination cocktails

Before too much euphoria breaks out, however, these vaccines are of course not without, even if they are fought far less hard by opponents than the means against the corona pandemic.

Side effects such as severe headache, nausea or serious changes in taste in relation to music or sexual partners could be observed.

It is therefore advisable to take the vaccine in combination with knockout drops, of which there should still be enough supplies due to the Christmas market cancellations.

“The best thing to do is to have this vaccination cocktail with your family before you leave for the Christmas party”, advocate virologists, “then you don't even leave and don't get infected.


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