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  • Shireen Mazari, Pakistani human rights minister, argued that "Muslim children will have an identification number" in France, while "the others will not".

    An assertion also relayed by an editorial writer for the

    Washington Post


  • "False accusation", replied French diplomacy.

  • In its bill against "separatism", the government wants to extend the allocation of a national identification number, says INE, to all children of school age.

“False accusation.

“The French Embassy in Pakistan denounced this weekend a“ fake news ”, after a tweet from Shireen Mazari.

The Pakistani Minister of Human Rights argued that "Muslim children will have an identification number" in France, while "the others will not".

It was based on an article from the Muslim vibes site.

The article was then changed.

The accusation was also relayed by a

Washington Post



Emmanuel Macron "wants to give identification numbers to Muslim children to go to school," Karen Attiah tweeted on Saturday.

Like Shireen Mazari, the columnist ended up deleting his tweet.

She then apologized.


As part of its bill against “separatism”, a first version of which was sent to the presidents of the Assembly and the Senate, the government plans to assign a number to each child in school.

Currently, children educated at home or in private schools outside the contract do not have any, unlike their classmates schooled in the private contract or in the public.

This number, also called “national identifier” or “INE”, well known to graduates, is used for registration in a national directory and follows the pupil during his schooling.

With this expansion, the government intends to be able to follow the educational path of all students, following a recommendation from two deputies who were responsible for a "flash mission" on school dropout in 2018, a recommendation found by



"This file will make it possible to know who is enrolled in school, including that at home for very limited reasons relating to the particular situation of a child or a family," Gérald Darmanin told

Le Figaro


This will allow us to carry out checks on the basis of this registration, so that all children benefit from this monitoring.


The text, renamed in the meantime a bill “reinforcing republican principles”, must be presented to the Council of Ministers on December 9 and then examined by the deputies and senators.


Bill on “separatism”: What are the main measures of the text?


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