China News Service, Beijing, November 23 (Reporter Ying Ni Song Yusheng) Since 2018, the "Forbidden City Calendar" has been plagued by piracy for three consecutive years, and this year is no exception.

The reporter was informed that the 2021 "Forbidden City Calendar" will be pirated again.

2021 "Forbidden City Calendar" Photo courtesy of the Forbidden City

"Forbidden City Calendar" pirated again

  On November 12th, Mr. Sun, a reader of "The Palace Calendar", reported to the Palace Press that he had received a copy of the "Forbidden City Calendar" for 2021 at a price of 34 yuan on a certain shopping platform, and found that the printing quality was poor , The red font color inside is almost coffee-colored, and the picture is relatively vague. Both the appearance and the details are far from the calendars bought in previous years.

  The 2021 "Forbidden City Calendar" bought by Mr. Sun is a pirated copy after being identified by the Palace Press.

  On November 14, Ms. Jiang, the distributor of "Forbidden City Calendar", also reported to the Forbidden City Press that during the book sales process, she found that some merchants were selling pirated calendars at an ultra-low price of 25 yuan each, which seriously disrupted normal books. issued.

  The reporter learned that the Forbidden City Publishing House has obtained evidence of pirated books sold on a number of platforms and some wholesale book markets. It will report to the Office of the Central Cyber ​​Security and Information Commission of the Communist Party of China and the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration of China that shopping platforms sell pirated calendars. We will investigate the legal responsibilities of the shopping platform through legal means, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of publishers and readers.

2021 "Forbidden City Calendar" family series Forbidden City

The new "Forbidden City Calendar" has been published for twelve years

  From 1933 to 1937, the National Palace Museum at that time compiled and published the "Forbidden City Calendar" for five consecutive years. It was popular as a popular art reading material for both appreciation and use, but unfortunately it stopped abruptly due to the war.

  In 2009, with the support and guidance of the leaders of the Palace Museum and the expert team, the Palace Press reprinted the "Forbidden City Calendar" based on the 1937 edition.

  In 2010, the "Forbidden City Calendar", while inheriting the tradition, began to try to innovate, and used the zodiac as the annual publication theme, and successively edited and published "The Forbidden City Dragon Time and Space", "The Landscape Has Clear Sounds", "Quickly Walk Through the Qing Qiu", and "The Beautiful Year of Prosperity" The themes such as "Auspicious Beasts wish Changlong" and "Feng Nian He Millet" show the cultural connotations behind various collections of the Palace Museum and cultural relics.

  By 2020, the Palace Press has released twelve volumes of the new version of "Forbidden City Calendar".

  On November 23, the "Twelve-year Collection of "The Palace Calendar", which was numbered and limited to 9999 sets worldwide, was released in the Palace Museum in Beijing.

In addition to the complete display of the twelve-volume calendar from 2010 to 2021, the box also includes the "600 Years of Forbidden City Commemorative Voucher" and a copy of the "Zodiac Signs" by the late Qing Hai-style painter Ren Yu from the Collection of the Palace Museum 》High imitation atlas.

Who is genuine and who is pirated?

Comparison of genuine pirated calendars.

Photo courtesy of the Forbidden City Press

  For the 2021 "Forbidden City Calendar" launched this year, the four words "Forbidden City Calendar" are printed on the plastic package with a special process. Although this is an ordinary plastic film, the printing cost is relatively high and will greatly increase the risk of piracy. Cost, plastic packaging of ordinary pirated books is difficult to achieve.

According to the National Palace Publishing House, if the "Forbidden City Calendar" is not printed on the plastic cover of the "Forbidden City Calendar", it is a pirated copy.

Comparison of genuine pirated calendars.

Photo courtesy of the Forbidden City Press

  At the same time, compared with previous pirated calendars, this year's pirated calendars are rougher in binding.

The floating mouth is more than 5mm larger than the text cut, which does not meet the formal printing standards.

Comparison of genuine pirated calendars.

Photo courtesy of the Forbidden City Press

  In addition, the quality of the plate-making of the pirated calendar is inferior, and the plate-making and printing should be done after scanning.

Therefore, the pirated calendar not only has distorted colors, unclear pictures, and even the order of the front and back pages is disordered.

Comparison of genuine pirated calendars.

Photo courtesy of the Forbidden City Press

  Even from the perspective of the cover, the pirated calendar is made of fiber cloth, with thicker texture, darker color, more dazzling, and rough overall; while the original calendar cover cloth is cotton cloth, with fine texture, and the color is the warm red of the palace wall, which needs special Customization is to be individually dyed for the "Forbidden City Calendar".

  The Palace Publishing House recommends that consumers try their best to choose official online stores and brand flagship stores to avoid buying pirated books.