"4000 deaths equals one not dead": How can the lives of the deceased be "zeroed"

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  Under the logic of this "scholar", human life seems to be just a cold statistic, which can even be rounded up and "divided into zero."

  "We have died more than four thousand people... You mean that no one has died!" "We are almost zero infections, close to zero deaths." "1.4 billion people died of 4,000 people, it means that no one is sick." ... A video of a "scholar" that has flowed out of the Internet recently has aroused strong indignation among netizens.

  The search reveals that the speaker is Li Yi and his Weibo profile is "Sociologist in America".

This controversial quotation is a fragment of a keynote speech.

  The risk of the epidemic has not yet been lifted, but such an astonishing theory has appeared, which is confusing.

What is even more confusing is that this "scholar" spoke this ridiculous quotation with a hippy smile.

In the video, against the humor and self-confidence he thinks, there is no respect for life at all.

  Undoubtedly, China's prevention and control measures have achieved considerable results, which have also been universally recognized by the United Nations and other parties.

However, there is no need to deny the cost. According to data from the National Health Commission, as of 24:00 on November 22, 31 provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps had reported a total of 86,442 confirmed cases and a total of 4634 deaths.

Behind these numbers are all living lives.

  At the National Commendation Conference for Fighting the New Crown Epidemic on April 4 and September 8 this year, the whole country also mourned the martyrs and compatriots who died in the fight against the epidemic.

To say "close to zero infections and close to zero deaths" is tantamount to ignoring their existence.

  However, in the eyes of this "scholar", the huge population base of 4,000 to 1.4 billion does not seem worth mentioning.

Under its cold-blooded "big data" logic, human life seems to be just a cold statistic, which can even be rounded up and "divided into zero."

There is no doubt that this is a complete ignorance of the misfortune of countless families in the epidemic.

  Moreover, whether it is improper data comparison or the use of secret exchange concepts to demonstrate the prevention and control results, it is not in line with the actual prevention and control situation, and it will also mislead ordinary people.

  Since the epidemic, all sectors of society have invested tremendous energy in responding, especially those medical workers who charge on the front line, trying their best to save every life.

This is also a prerequisite for results in prevention and control.

The so-called "equal to no one getting sick" is undoubtedly an obliteration of the sacrifice and dedication of medical workers across the country.

  On the other hand, under the premise that the global epidemic continues to spread, the domestic epidemic is effectively controlled precisely because we have paid a heavy price.

  Therefore, in the respect of every life, the whole society is prepared from top to bottom. In the post-epidemic era, it remains highly vigilant and tightens the string of prevention and control to prevent the epidemic from causing greater harm.

The public expression of "near zero infections and close to zero deaths" can easily mislead and cause ordinary people to misjudge the situation of the epidemic.

  In fact, since we entered a state of normalized epidemic prevention and control, there have been sporadic cases across the country.

In the past two days, new cases have appeared in Shanghai, Tianjin and other places, and the epidemic has shown signs of a small rebound in some areas.

And considering that there is still no “special medicine” with immediate effect, the risk of overseas import still exists.

And by the end of the year, the frequency of population movement is gradually increasing, and the risk of epidemic spread cannot be underestimated.

  On November 22, the National Health System Video and Telephone Conference held by the National Health Commission also mentioned that “the situation of epidemic prevention and control this winter and next spring is still severe and complicated, and the tasks are arduous and arduous” and must not relax.

Obviously, the "scholar"'s remarks also run counter to this requirement.

  After detonating public opinion, the "scholar" quickly became a target of criticism and attacks by netizens. This is undoubtedly a reminder that no matter who it is, speaking in the field of public opinion should respect common sense and facts.

That kind of out-of-the-ordinary remarks that are utterly nonsensical and unstoppable in order to create traffic or to brush up on the sense of existence will not only mislead the public, but will eventually be countered by public opinion.

  □Xiong Zhi (media person)