Xiaoxue Today | May you all be well this winter

What is the most anticipated view in winter?

It's a flying snowflake

Or blooming red plums?

November 22, 2020

Xiaoxue solar terms come

Listen, the footsteps of the cold winter are already faint

Photo by Meng Delong

It does not necessarily snow in light snow season

But it's coming

Means the weather will get colder

The precipitation gradually increases

The temperature continues to drop

Rain turns into snowflakes

The rainbow is also hidden

Harvest in autumn and hide in winter, the world is solemn

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Yanmin

The ancients believed

At this time, the yin qi in the middle of the earth drops, and the yang qi in the sky rises

And the heaven and the earth are blocked

Everything loses life

The world is closed and turned into severe winter

"Cold before the frost, cold after the snow"

When the harsh north wind blows

The fine snow is wrapped in chills

Quietly falling from the sky

Dotted in treetops and eaves

Tentacle cool

Photo by Lang Wenrui

Although the weather turns cold

The winter scenery is equally moving

Life in winter is just as hot

If you don't believe me, see-

"White clouds and green pine, winter is better than summer"

Snow is the elf in winter

Green pine shades, plum blossoms sparse shadows

To paint a different winter scenery together

Cold and quiet

Photo by Zhang Lang

The dripping water turns into ice, the cold wind is cold

It's time to marinate bacon

Fat but not greasy, taste full of flavor

The rows of cooked bacon

Contains the pride of joy and harvest

It is the delicacy at the New Year banquet

Or, make some sweet and delicious glutinous rice cakes

Steamed and mashed glutinous rice

Served with peanuts and sesame seeds

Bring it to the table

Symbolizes harmony and beauty, harvest and reunion

Photo by Li Xin

"Green Ant New Brew, Red Clay Small Stove"

The day of the first snow

The freshly brewed wine is fragrant

The little red clay stove, the flame is booming

Friends get together

Days can be so relaxing and warm

Reading by the window in winter

Snowflakes flutter in the wind, they are really beautiful

Until the weather clears

A bright moon rises in the night sky

My heart becomes clear and clear

Photo by Sun Huajin

"The frost and wind fell into the cold forest overnight, and the thick clouds and clouds were overcast."

When winter just arrived

The red leaves are still in the frosty weather

Dust a leaf

Unknowingly, a year is almost gone

Snow in winter, restrained in winter

Just like ours

Don't make publicity and noise in life

The soul is as clean as snowflakes

In the long years, waiting quietly

Photo by Wang Chao

"Plum blossom from the bitter cold"

The most precious and beautiful quality and talent

You have to keep practicing to have it

The richest return in life

You can only get it after experiencing some tempering

Snow is a gift of winter

Decorate the earth so fresh

In the days when the water became ice

Accompany and depend on each other

The colder, the more beautiful posture

Photo by Xie Xiaoqing

The seemingly frozen land under the snow

Also brewing new hope

The sun and the moon are flying like snow

Remind us to live up to the time

In the coldest season of the year

Accumulate strength and wait for the time to accumulate

Photo by Wang Jiang

Don't forget to add clothes in cold weather

Xiaoxue is coming, I wish you all the best this winter!

  Reporter: Shangguanyun