Spread of new corona infection "Bed usage rate" Over 30% in 7 prefectures nationwide 5:58 on November 22

With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the "tightness of the medical field" is becoming more serious.

The "bed usage rate," which indicates how much the bed is filled, exceeded 30% in seven prefectures nationwide.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as of the 18th of this month, a total of 5951 people were hospitalized with the new coronavirus.

In the week starting from the 11th, there are 1434 people, an increase of 32%.

The “bed usage rate”, which indicates how much the reserved beds are filled, is also increasing in various places.

As of the 11th, there were no prefectures that exceeded 40%, but on the 18th of this month, Hyogo prefecture accounted for 44% and Osaka prefecture 41%.

In addition, Hokkaido has 38%, Saitama prefecture has 37%, Okinawa prefecture has 35%, and Aichi prefecture and Tokyo have 33%, and the total number of prefectures where the bed usage rate has increased has risen to 34.

Hokkaido increased the most by 14 points (24 → 38%),

followed by Niigata prefecture by 11 points (4 → 15%),

Aichi prefecture (23 → 33%), Hyogo prefecture (34% → 44%), and Ehime prefecture (2). → 12%) Each is up 10 points.

These usage rates are just the average of each prefecture, and some cities, wards, towns and villages have more beds filled and tighter.