The dancer who starred in the most dance dramas in China can still play Lin Daiyu

  Chen Ailian's death is part of her life

  New China's first-generation dancer Chen Ailian died at home in the early morning of November 21 at the age of 81.

This news shocked the domestic dance industry. It is impossible to imagine that this usually cheerful and straightforward dancer, the 80-year-old man who was able to play Lin Daiyu in the dance drama "Dream of Red Mansions" a few years ago, suddenly left us.

  Chen Ailian was born in Shanghai in 1939. When she was 10 years old, her parents died of illness. She became a wandering orphan overnight from Miss Jin Jin, and was sent to an orphanage in Shanghai with her sister.

In 1952, she was admitted to the class of the dance troupe attached to the Central Academy of Drama, and in 1954, she was admitted to the first dance school in China-Beijing Dance School.

Since 1957, Chen Ailian has starred in dance dramas "Zhang Yu and Qiong Lian", "Fish Mermaid", "Red Flag", "White Hair Girl", "Small Sword Society", "Princess Wencheng", "Dream of Red Mansions", "Peony Pavilion", "Fan Yi" and "Overlord" "Farewell", etc., is the dancer who starred in the most dance dramas in China.

Her dance moves are light and smooth, with strong skills. She is good at various styles of dance such as Chinese classical dance and folk dance.

  Because she was obsessed with "Dream of Red Mansions" since childhood, 42-year-old Chen Ailian performed the first stage play of "Dream of Red Mansions" in her life.

Until nearly eighty years old, Chen Ailian was still playing the 14-year-old Lin Daiyu, her performance was light and free, exquisite and superb, which was commendable.

The famous dance critic Ou Jianping said: "She is not only a miracle in China, but also a miracle in the world of dance."

  Chen Ailian loves the dance career and insists on practicing for decades. Not only has she been active on the stage throughout her life, she has the courage to explore and innovate in the dance career. She is also a pioneer in dance education.

Until September this year, Chen Ailian was still active in dance teaching and performances.


  "My smart bird will fly first, and it will never fall behind"

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily remembered that the close encounter with Mrs. Chen Ailian was in the selection of the second China's top ten performances in 2003. As a judge, Mrs. Chen Ailian was very active throughout the whole process. During the visits and friendships in Manzhouli, as long as the audience requested, She happily danced for the audience, no matter what conditions were on the stage at the time, her dance would always appear.

Later, she appeared in the "Art Volunteer" activities and other activities organized by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the Chinese Dance Association. In these activities, reporters from Beijing Youth Daily saw the performance of "Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye" and "Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye" performed by Teacher Chen Ailian. Women's Militia in the Prairie.

  In 1997, 58-year-old Chen Ailian played Lin Daiyu in the rehearsal dance drama "A Dream of Red Mansions". At that time, there was controversy in the industry. Chen Ailian withstood the pressure and not only kept the dance drama, but also did not plan to stop dancing until she was 81 years old.

In an interview with a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily, she said: “Russian ballet star Prisetskaya danced "Death of a Swan" on Red Square at the age of 71. I want to surpass her like her.

  Teacher Chen Ailian is very persistent and firm in dance. In 1995, she founded the first dance school in the country named after a person. In 2012, when Chen Ailian resumed rehearsing the dance drama "A Dream of Red Mansions", a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily went to the location. Visit to Ailian Dance School in Daxing District.

I remember that when I walked into the teaching building, the students were attending classes in order, while Teacher Chen Ailian was practicing in a dance classroom. From a distance, she was like a girl, with excellent flexibility and toughness.

  She told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter: "Dance is a part of my life, and dance is also my child. It is said that dance is the art of youth, but how can dance keep youth forever? Many actors don’t dance when they reach their 30s. The legs are old, but in fact we didn’t know how to dance until we were 30, because the experience made you mature, but unfortunately the dancer’s body, strength and softness began to degenerate at this time. I am not reconciled, I still want to dance. So, besides taking a break every Sunday, I insist on practicing qigong every day. I have meetings during the day and I practice qigong at night, and I have to insist on New Year and New Year holidays. I'm lazy and never dare to stop at other times. Since childhood, the teacher told us that the stupid bird will fly first. I am not a stupid bird. If the stupid bird wants to fly first, my smart bird will never fall behind."

  In order to inherit Chinese classical dance and Chinese folk dance, Ailian Dance School trains children who love dance. As the founder, Chen Ailian takes the school as his home, and the whole family invests in running the school.

A reporter from the Beiqing Daily met her husband Wei Daoning, a quiet and honest old man, at her home in the school. Teacher Chen Ailian proudly introduced her wife: "He is a particularly good person, and he was very handsome when he was young. He has a credit for my work, and now he helps me manage the school. He also ran before and after the re-ranking of "Dream of Red Mansions", which is my inner support." And Teacher Chen Ailian puts career first and forgets me. Cultivate young people, run schools with selflessness, and dance with selflessness

  Text / Our reporter Tian Wanting, special correspondent Lun Bing