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  Wearing a plaid shirt and black-rimmed glasses, he is not good at words, just sitting in front of the computer screen and typing on the keyboard "relentlessly", and occasionally sighing at his thinning hair-this is now a lot of social media Netizens have stereotypes of programmers.

In this regard, programmers will deconstruct themselves in a self-deprecating manner-jokingly calling themselves "code farmers".

  Nowadays, the Internet industry is undoubtedly the most concentrated area of ​​programmers. Almost all Internet technologies are created and driven by programmers. For example, those mobile applications (Apps) that have been deeply involved in people's work and life are behind a series of smooth operation. A string of code written by a programmer.

The landing of digital technology and people's digital life experience are inseparable from this group.

  But, do you really know programmers?

Is the programmer's daily routine to write code continuously?

Is this industry eating "youth meal"?

Is the Chinese programmer community already "surplus"?

...Various topics, discussions, and paragraphs about programmers emerge in an endless stream. They are more like "the most familiar strangers", making the public have a strong curiosity about this group.

  In this issue of "Youth Talk", we walk into the world of young programmers together.

  1 Just "keep your ears off the window and just type code"?

  "It is far from enough for programmers to only write code. They also need to have comprehensive capabilities such as communication, project management, summary and reflection, talent training, and collaboration."

  As one of the most popular professions today, programmers’ pressures are inevitable-bugs can’t be found, data can’t be pacified, demand can’t be met... These events will be repeated in the programmer’s daily life, some even Describes the programmer’s normal work as "I don’t hear things outside the window, and I just type code."

Coupled with the fact that domestic Internet companies "996" and other events have repeatedly appeared on the hot search lists, the survival state and spiritual world of the programmer professional group has gradually become a topic of concern.

  "I think the code is perfectly written, but there are always big and small bugs at runtime. This is probably the most depressing time for every programmer." Wang Xiao (pseudonym) works as a back-end programmer at a shipping company in Fujian work.

Since graduating in 2012, he has worked in several software development companies, including startups and large Internet companies.

Wang Xiao said frankly that as a programmer, there are troubles, but more of enjoyment and love, especially after seeing a bunch of codes after their own arrangement and combination, they become truly "run and move" and know how This kind of satisfaction is beyond words when it brings people a convenient life application.

  Is the programmer's job to keep typing code while guarding the computer?

Wang Xiao has a comprehensive understanding of technology, products and related businesses.

"It is far from enough for programmers to only write code. They also need to have comprehensive capabilities such as communication, project management, summary and reflection, talent training, and collaboration." Wang Xiao said that the work content of the programmer group is not what the public imagined. So single, besides writing code, its connotation is very rich.

  Xu Guangxing, deputy general manager of the anchor service technology department of Huya Company, believes that programmers are a larger concept, which can be roughly divided into several types according to different work contents——

  "The first type is front-line development engineers, which are often referred to as "code farmers". Their work is mainly execution-oriented, and they can complete the development of functions; the second type is architects, in addition to execution, but also Understand business and technology, and be able to abstract an architecture that not only satisfies the business but also meets the technical logic; the third type is technical experts, who generally have deep accumulation and experience in related fields, such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, etc. , Has a certain depth, can solve business pain points, difficulties and even industry pain points, difficult problems." Xu Guangxing said that the above three types of programmers mainly focus on the technology itself, increasing from depth to level.

The fourth type is technology management. Based on the depth of technology, we have a broader vision, grasp and understand the company's strategy, and lead the team to find the corresponding business technology direction based on the actual situation.

  2 Is there any value for programmers over 35 years old?

  "In the industry, the value of programmers is not simply judged by age, but more is a comprehensive examination of their abilities, experience, subsequent development potential and past contributions."

  "Where should programmers go after 35 years of age" has always been a relatively heavy topic. Some people even judge that the "lifespan" of general domestic programmers is between 20 and 35 years old. It is difficult to continue to engage in development work after 35 years old. Will face the dilemma of elimination and layoffs.

  Indeed, "age crisis" is more common in this industry, and with the development of the Internet, computer technology has gradually become a basic skill, which undoubtedly brings a lot of competitive pressure for programmers, who are Internet practitioners.

Therefore, "writing programs that are not satisfied with the basics" has become the direction for more and more front-line development engineers to transform.

  30-year-old Li Nan (pseudonym) is a software engineering graduate from a well-known domestic university. Later, he joined a communications company in Guangzhou and became a first-line development engineer.

He told reporters that the first job was to be responsible for the daily development and maintenance of software functions. In addition to writing programs, he had to communicate with the product manager repeatedly on requirements and run-in.

After accumulating several years of work experience, Li Nan chose to transform.

  "At present, my job is more inclined to project managers." Li Nan said, "I always feel that an excellent programmer not only writes programs by himself, but also tries to guide a team to think and meet the diversity of users. On the basis of demand, create more social value." Since being a first-line development engineer, Li Nan has been accumulating business experience and striving to improve his competitiveness in the industry.

  In fact, in Internet companies, the upward development path of programmers is not a dead end.

"Some take the expert route, that is, to develop in the direction of engineers, architects, and experts; in addition, they can also take the management route to realize business value. I am now more of a management transformation." Li Nan said.

  Xu Guangxing told reporters that now Internet companies including Huya generally set up two paths for professional development and management development.

  "If you like to focus on technology and don’t want to disperse your energy, you can take the expert route; if you like to collaborate with people, lead a team, and focus on business, and not limited to a certain technical field, you can transfer some of the technical details Time to do management work.” Xu Guangxing said that the industry does not judge the value of programmers solely from age, but rather comprehensively examines their abilities, experience, subsequent development potential and past contributions.

  Regarding the "age crisis" of the programmer community, Wang Ping, an associate researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Social Experimental Research Center of Zhijiang Laboratory, believes that if programmers want to get out of the anxiety of personal professional growth, on the one hand, they need to continue to learn, while improving their original technical knowledge. , To increase the capabilities of other related businesses; on the other hand, with digital empowerment and other Internet thinking, it can explore new entrepreneurial fields and achieve "break the circle".

  "In recent years, Huya has organized core technical personnel to exchange and study abroad every year. Many engineers in Internet companies such as Amazon and Google will work for a lifetime. Even very old technical experts are still typing codes with passion." Xu Guangxing believes that as long as the enthusiasm to keep up with the cutting edge of technology and the mentality of continuous learning, 35 years old will not limit the development of technical personnel.

  3 Has the Chinese programmer community "surplus"?

  "High-level talents and innovative entrepreneurial talents supporting technological innovation and industrial upgrading are always urgently needed by society, and programmers are important contributors to technological innovation in the Internet era."

  As early as before the arrival of the Internet tide, some people predicted the career of programmers.

In 1976, American futurist Daniel Bell pointed out that information workers will be the most rapidly developing social group in the post-industrial era, because social production practices are developing in the direction of more and more information.

At the beginning of this century, when the Internet tide officially landed, Indian sociologist Das praised this kind of emerging Internet practitioners, calling them "the new middle-class hero."

  However, as fresh graduates of related majors enter the society every year, and more and more Internet technology training institutions in China continue to import talents into the market, the number of domestic programmers has increased year by year and is gradually becoming younger.

This is the reason why Chinese programmers have "surplus" thesis.

  "The number of programmers is increasing, but good programmers are still very popular." Xu Guangxing believes that the Internet industry is developing at a high speed. If programmers are only limited to writing code, they will not have core competitiveness and are easy to be caught. Substitution, and "technical bull" and "program master" will not have the possibility of "surplus".

  In the context of innovation-driven development and high-quality development, high-level talents and innovative and entrepreneurial talents supporting technological innovation and industrial upgrading are always urgently needed by society, and programmers are important contributors to various technological innovations in the Internet era.

  Tian Feng, a researcher at the Institute of Social Development Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that in terms of the lives of the general public, the current penetration rate of the Internet is very high. From children to the elderly, smartphones are used to access the Internet. The application scenarios of Internet technology will gradually change from production and scientific research. The department extends to all aspects of people’s lives.

The increase in Internet application scenarios will keep the demand for programmers from increasing.

  “When we are still in the process of the digital technology revolution, the development of artificial intelligence and big data technology still has considerable technological dividends, which urgently need to be applied to multiple fields and scenarios in the economy and society. The labor market not only needs programmers in the traditional sense, but also People who are engaged in specific business fields are also needed. Only by mastering certain programming skills can work efficiency be greatly improved." Wang Ping said.

  "The future competition between countries is a high-tech competition, which requires a large number of talents as support." Tian Feng said that in a sense, the construction of a team of programmers is also the basis of talent pool for future competition between countries.

  (Our reporter Li Ruichen)

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