China News Service, Beijing, November 21 (Reporter Ying Ni) November 21 is the 110th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Qian Zhongshu.

Today, a manuscript of Tang poems selected by Qian Zhongshu and copied by Yang Jiang, "Selected Tang Poems by Qian Zhongshu", was published by People’s Literature Publishing House.

This is an important document that has never been published in the past 40 years, and it is also a unique anthology that can be read by the public.

  According to Zang Yongqing, President of People's Literature Publishing House, "The Selection of Tang Poems from Qian Zhongshu" was selected by Mr. Qian Zhongshu and copied by Mr. Yang Jiang. It took more than seven years to complete from 1983 to 1991.

Mr. Yang Jiang marked the copying date on the manuscript, and sometimes added Mr. Qian and her comments. This not only reflects Mr. Qian’s thinking about Tang poetry, but also reflects the life of Qian Yang’s poems and books. It is a book full of scholars. An interesting selection of poems.

  It is reported that Qian Yang and his wife originally intended to give their daughter a memorial to this "Complete Tang Poems" manuscript of "Qian Xuan Yang Chao". Later, Professor Qian Yuan passed away untimely, and Yang Jiang copied this manuscript written by her. , Presented to Wu Xuezhao and agreed to publish it publicly.

People's Literature Publishing House has done necessary sorting of manuscripts.

On the 110th anniversary of Qian Zhongshu's birth, this manuscript of Tang poetry contestants, which has been in dust for decades, was officially published as "Qian Zhongshu's Selected Tang Poems".

  The book contains a total of 308 poets (one anonymous), 1997 works (sentences).

Among them, Bai Juyi surpassed Du Fu with 184 works (174 selected); he selected a large number of works by poets who are well-known for his creation, as well as works by non-poets such as Tang Minghuang and Prince Zhanghuai; both were ideological. Strong poems such as Du Fu's "Xinan Official", "Shi Hao Official" and "San Bie", and also selected interesting works like Han Yu's "Mocking Snoring to Sleep".

  At the same time, the change of poetry style in the late Tang Dynasty influenced the development of poetry in the early Song Dynasty.

Although Qian Zhongshu's overall evaluation of the late Tang Xiaojia is not high, the biggest feature of the book lies in the selection of a large number of late Tang Xiaojia and their works.

  Experts believe that "Qian Zhongshu's Selected Tang Poems" fully embodies the subjective position and unique perspective of Qian's selected Tang Poems, and is an important document for research in related fields.

At the same time, the volume of nearly 2,000 works more comprehensively presents the artistic characteristics and style of Tang Dynasty poetry, and also provides a more complete selection for readers to study and appreciate Tang poetry, the peak in the history of Chinese literature.