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Come on, do we take a look at the TV news?

The number of the week

BFMTV continues to create the event with its first evening parties.

It has been several years since the 24-hour news channel successfully embarked on making 52-minute documentaries.

This week, she broke new ground with her first documentary series dedicated to the murder of Alexia Daval.

The four episodes, in which the parents of the young woman and the lawyer of Jonathann Daval intervened, were followed by 1.07 million viewers.

The fourth episode, broadcast Tuesday, even conquered 1.3 million people, signing the second highest score in BFMTV history for a documentary.

Flash info

But who will be stuck in a 4m2 booth for more than three hours commenting on Eurovision next year?

Rumor has it that France 2 wants to renew its team of animators, by designating Dave and Laurence Boccolini for the next edition.

Invited on RTL, the one who won the first season of

Mask Singer

explained that she would like all of this very much.

“Eurovision, I love it, it's cult.

I've been watching this since I was little.

“Well, on the other hand, it is not yet done since Laurence Boccolini announced that the channel had not contacted her.

Patience Laurence, it may come, there are six months left before the competition.

The zapping sequence

The sequence did not go unnoticed.

Thursday evening, Elisabeth Moreno, the Minister Delegate in charge of Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, was invited to


alongside Bixente Lizarazu, who came to promote one of its emissions.

To the question "Have you ever heard homophobic or sexist remarks in the locker room?"

», The footballer replied in the negative.

An answer that did not satisfy Elisabeth Moreno.

"You know the most recurring insult in schoolyards and in stadiums is PD," the minister told him.

“In a locker room, there is a lot of diversity and there is a cohabitation that goes very well in sport.

We have that chance, ”replied Bixente Lizarazu.

The discomfort that has settled on the set was noted by Rouge Direct, a whistleblower against homophobia in football.

"These denials of reality alert us," communicated its members.

Press release following @BixeLizarazu's comments in @Qofficiel yesterday.

The denial of #homophobia in #football must end.

The urgency is for the active and massive fight against this scourge.

- Rouge Direct (@RougeDirect) November 20, 2020

The popcorn info

At the beginning of November, France 2 launched the second season of

Boyard Land in

front of… not many people.

The entertainment broadcast in prime time had been watched by 1.3 million people, far behind TF1, France 3, France 5 and M6.

Result: the channel changes its tune and will broadcast the next five issues during the end of the year holidays in access, around 6 p.m. or 7 p.m., according to

Le Parisien


Karine Le Marchand, she makes the happiness of M6 with the fifteenth season of

Love is in the meadow


Not all farmers have found love yet, others are still hesitating, but the final choice is approaching.

And for good reason, the time to do the accounts has already come!

On Monday, December 7, M6 will broadcast the first part of the report where we will find Jérôme, Laura, Éric l'Auvergnat, Paul-Henri, Philippe and especially Eric the goatherd, for whom the suspense around his relationship with Claudine is at his filled.

Captain Marleau, too, goes to the countryside for the twenty-fourth episode of her series.

Corinne Masiero is currently filming in the heart of Corrèze, with Mylène Demongeot, Pascal Légitimus and Frédérique Bel.

The story will focus on the murder of Laetitia, a forty-something found strangled in the heart of a forest.

Always so happy, this Marleau!


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