In the past few days, Blizzard in the northeast has overwhelmed the circle of friends. The little friends in Beijing don’t need to envy it, because on the 21st, that is today, the first snow in Beijing is here!

  On the morning of the 21st, Beijing ushered in the first snowfall of this winter. In the morning, related topics rushed into hot searches.

  The Beijing Meteorological Bureau predicts that there will be light to moderate snow in plain areas and moderate to heavy snow in mountainous areas.

After the snowfall, there will be northerly winds of magnitude 3 and 4, and the temperature will drop significantly, and the minimum temperature will drop to about -2°C.

According to Beijing's first snow standard, this snowfall has reached the first snow.

On the morning of November 21st, the city of Beijing ushered in the first snow in the winter of 2020. The first snow meets the ancient buildings of the Forbidden City, giving it a unique charm.

Image source: Visual China

The first snow is as promised and the largest amount of snow reaches the Forbidden City

  Earlier, the Beijing Meteorological Bureau had issued a reminder that it is expected that there will be snowfall in Beijing on the 21st.

At around 6 am on the 21st, the first snow "arrived" on time, and began to affect the southwestern area of ​​Beijing, and developed from the southwest to the northeast, gradually expanding the scope to the whole city.

  The Beijing Meteorological Bureau predicts that the main snowfall period will be from 9 am to 15 am on the 21st (sleet is not excluded in urban and southern areas), and it will gradually weaken and end around the evening.

Photographed by Li Jinlei, at Piaoxue, Changping District around 8 am

Around 8:30, the southern suburbs observatory, the snow is getting bigger and bigger. Source: Meteorological Beijing

Around 9 o'clock in the morning, you can also see snowflakes in Xicheng District. Photo by Fan Fenghui,

  Netizens also shared the snow scenes they saw.

  When it comes to where the snow is the most beautiful in Beijing, many people will first think of the Forbidden City. The flying snow in the sky is matched with the red walls and green tiles of the Forbidden City.

Ruixue Qixiang, the first snow of the 600-year-old Forbidden City has arrived as promised.

Source: Official Weibo of the Palace Museum

  It seems that many people have gone to the Forbidden City early in the morning to meet this first snow.

According to the monitoring of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, from 05:00 on the 21st to 11:00 on the 21st, the city's average precipitation was 3.2 mm, and the urban average was 3.7 mm. The maximum snowfall in the city was 4.7 mm in the Dongcheng Forbidden City.

  Seeing this, is it tickling to go to the Forbidden City to see the snow?

It's a pity that the tickets for the 21st have been sold out, and you can only see the snow in the Forbidden City!

  Many friends are concerned about whether there will be snow after this snowfall?

Can we roll in the snow like the Northeast?

  According to the prediction of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, it is currently in early winter, and the middle and low-level temperature is near the critical point of the phase transition of rain and snow, and the phenomenon of rain and snow conversion may occur.

In addition, the daytime surface temperature in the urban area is expected to be above 0°C, and snowflakes may melt quickly after falling on the ground, and no obvious snow accumulation is expected.

  However, due to the obvious cooling and slippery roads, road icing is prone to occur.

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory has issued a yellow warning signal for road icing, and friends who go out should pay attention to safety.

On November 21, Beijing city ushered in the first snow of this winter, and the Summer Palace in the snow was picturesque.

Image source: Visual China

The first snow this winter comes earlier than before

  Many people feel that the first snow in Beijing this winter seems to come earlier than before.

  Indeed, the Beijing area defines the "first snow day" as the date on which a large-scale snowfall process occurs for the first time in Beijing. The statistical period is from October 1 of the current year to May 31 of the following year.

  Defined as a “first snow day” requires one of two conditions to be met. One is that more than 10 of the city’s 20 artificial stations have observed snowfall; the other is that 5 stations in the urban area (Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Shijingshan, and Observatory) Snow is observed, or snow is observed at 3 or more of the 5 stations in the urban area, and at least 1 station has snowfall ≥ 0.1 mm.

  For example, at an hour between 7-8 on the 21st, the urban area of ​​Zhongfengtai 0.6mm, Chaoyang 0.1mm, Shijingshan 0.6mm, and Southern Suburb Observatory 0.6mm, have reached the first snow standard.

  The earliest first snow on record in Beijing was October 31st, which occurred in 1987, and the latest first snowfall occurred on February 11th, in the winter of 1984.

The first snowfall occurs on average on November 29th.

On November 21, Beijing city ushered in the first snow of this winter, and the Summer Palace in the snow was picturesque.

The picture shows Wenchang Pavilion.

Image source: Visual China


Traffic lines have been adjusted

  In addition to appreciating the beauty of the snow scene, we should also pay attention to the impact of snowfall on other aspects.

  The Capital Airport is cloudy with light snow during the day today. It is expected that there will be a short period of moderate snow from 9 to 14 o'clock, and it will turn to sporadic light snow after 15 o'clock. The current weather is light snow at the Capital Airport. As of 9 o'clock, the Capital Airport has executed 199 flights and cancelled 118 flights.

  The Capital Airport reminds passengers that the snowy weather will affect flight takeoff and landing to a certain extent. Passengers should pay close attention to flight dynamics and weather conditions of destinations to avoid delays in their journeys.

  In addition, according to the Beijing Public Transport Group, as of 9:30 in the morning, affected by snowfall, the Beijing Public Transport Group had adopted temporary measures on 47 routes, including 7 suburban routes, 6 of which were suspension measures, and 1 section.

There are 40 mountain routes, 36 of which are to take measures to stop driving, one to take detour measures, and three to take measures of interval.

On the morning of November 21, the first snow in the winter of 2020 was in Beijing.

Image source: Visual China

How long is it from your home to the first snow?

  Under the influence of two consecutive rounds of cold air, many areas in the north have already "signed" for the first snow this winter. Friends who have not yet received the first snow notice do not have to worry. Come and see how long is your home from the first snow?

  This winter, the first snow in many parts of our country is late. In the big cities, except for Harbin and Xining, which are slightly earlier than the average first snow time of the year, Changchun, Shenyang, Hohhot, Urumqi and other cities are all late for more than 10 days. Among them, Changchun is more than 10 days late. 26 days late.

  The North China area is the "early delivery area" for the first snow this winter. On average, the first snow time in Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Beijing, Tianjin and other places is concentrated in the second half of late November, and Beijing, which has its first snow on the 21st, It is indeed ahead of schedule.

  Looking at the snow scenes exposed by other houses, the southern friend is itchy, wondering when it will snow in his house.

  According to Zhang Juan, a meteorological analyst at China Weather Network, due to the large difference in latitude between the north and the south in my country, the snow mainly concentrates in the northern region from October to November, and the southern region often snows after December.

  Looking at the average snow time from 1981 to early 2010, the first snow time in Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Guizhou and other places is concentrated in the middle and late December; the probability of snowfall in South China is not high, even if it occurs, it will be later. In places like Guangxi, northern Guangdong, Fujian and other places, the first snow may not be seen until mid-to-late January of the following year, and further south, snow is a luxurious romance.

is it snowing there?

  Author: Lang Lang