Hand dryer "Do not use" Keidanren guidelines review November 22 2:06

"By the way, when can I use it?"

Regarding hand dryers that dry hands with warm air in the toilets of stations and shopping centers, Keidanren has decided to review the guidelines that it had stated "do not use" based on the opinions of experts and overseas situations.

Since the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there has been a growing movement to stop using hand dryers installed in toilets at stations and commercial facilities around the world as a preventive measure.

Keidanren said in May that it would stop using hand dryers, ban common towels, and install paper towels or have employees bring their own personal towels, according to the guidelines for infection prevention measures released to companies in May. It has been decided.

As infection control measures are being taken in various regions, Keidanren has received opinions from manufacturers appealing for product safety, and there are increasing inquiries from business establishments that use dryers as to how long they should stop using them. about it.

Globally, the WHO = World Health Organization says that using a hand dryer alone does not prevent infection with the new coronavirus, but "you should wash your hands frequently and dry them thoroughly with a paper towel or hand dryer." is.

In addition, Keidanren investigated the situation in each country, and found that the guidelines of the British government and the US CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stipulate that hands should be dried with a hand dryer after washing hands, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong.

In light of these circumstances, Keidanren has decided to revise the statement that "do not use a hand dryer", taking into account the opinions of experts.

Keidanren stated, "When I made the guidelines, I didn't have the contact confirmation app" COCOA "yet, and I said that I wouldn't do it if I didn't need a business trip. I want to go. "

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Sufficient hand washing can reduce risk

Regarding the use of hand dryers, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said, "Although experts have pointed out that the unwashed virus will scatter along with the flying virus, it is possible to reduce the risk of infection by washing the hands thoroughly." I will.

After that, we are calling for you to refer to the correct way to wash your hands posted on the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Pay attention to suction type products

As studies are underway to resume the use of hand dryers that use warm air to blow off water droplets on their hands, attention is also focused on products that suck water droplets so that they do not diffuse.

Companies in Sapporo have been selling hand dryers that inhale water droplets to dry their hands for more than 10 years.

Until now, it has been used in food and automobile parts factories because it can prevent water droplets from splashing around by sucking in the wind instead of blowing it away.

According to the company, the number of inquiries about suction-type products is increasing due to the influence of the new coronavirus, which means that we have already sold nearly 10 times as many units as usual.