Road collapse in Chofu, Tokyo A new cavity is found underground near the site November 22, 5:11


Last month, the East Nippon Expressway Company, which is constructing a road tunnel deep underground at the site due to a road collapse in a residential area in Chofu City, Tokyo, announced that a new cavity was found underground near the site.

This is the second time that a cavity has been found, and we will immediately fill the cavity.

A new underground cavity was found in a residential area in Chofu City, Tokyo last month, about 20 meters south of the collapsed road and about 4 meters deep from the ground, about 4 meters wide. It is 3 meters long, about 27 meters long, and has an internal height of about 4 meters.

A boring survey conducted by the East Nippon Expressway Company since late last month found a cavity about 30 meters long on the 2nd of this month, and this is the second location.

The cavities appear to have spread under roads and houses, and there is no immediate change in the surface of the earth, but workers will monitor using equipment and will promptly proceed to fill the cavities. ..

The places where depressions and cavities have been found so far are all directly above the section where the East Nippon Expressway is constructing the "Tokyo Outer Ring Road" tunnel.

After suspending the construction of the East Nippon Expressway, we are investigating whether there are any cavities in the excavated section so far, and we will continue to investigate the cause of the collapse and the relationship with the tunnel construction until the middle of next month. I am.