The episode (11/21/2020) of the "Beyond the News" program shed light on what the newspaper said, which added that Conte warned Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi - in a phone call - against trying to gain time, saying: "There is no time left, and now. You have to choose whether you want to cooperate. "

According to La Repubblica, Conte demanded that Sisi allow the five Egyptian National Security Service officers involved in the crime to choose a lawyer for them in Italy to represent them in the case, in which the pleadings will begin after the investigation documents are deposited on December 4.

The newspaper pointed out that from now on, there is nothing that can be negotiated, because the matter is no longer in the hands of Conte or Sisi, but in the hands of the Prosecutor in Rome, which is determined to reveal the indictment against the accused officers.

It is noteworthy that the Italian public prosecutor had issued in December 2018 an indictment against 5 officers, most notably Khaled Shalaby, who is currently the assistant minister of interior for the port security sector, and he was working at the time of the crime as director of investigations in the Giza Security Directorate.

To this day, the Egyptian authorities have not issued any position on the indictment, and Cairo announced on March 24, 2016 that it had identified the killers of Regeni and killed them during their pursuit.

"This is not the first time Italy has opened the file of the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni, who was killed in Egypt in 2016, but it is the decisive time," said Lorenzo Cremonese, the Middle East editor of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Cremonese added that the Italian authorities did not find any Egyptian cooperation in the case file despite the commitment of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to cooperate.

On the other hand, Magdi Shendi, editor-in-chief of the weekly "Al-Mashhad" newspaper, said that talking about an Italian warning to Egypt does not agree with the nature of the close and complex relations between the two countries.

As for the lawyer specializing in international law and human rights, Toby Kudman, confirmed that the Sisi regime and the Egyptian government have completely failed to shoulder their responsibilities towards the torture and killing of Regeni by members of the security forces.