Why did Won Jeong-hwa become a spy on his own?

On the 21st of SBS''I want to know', the subtitle of'The Man Who Loved the Spy-and the Woman's Lie' highlighted the truth of the 2008'Won Jeonghwa Spy Case'.

In 2008, Lieutenant Hwang fell in love with an eight-year-old North Korean refugee woman. And life was ruined by the love he believed could even give his life.

One day, Lieutenant Hwang was taken to the investigation room of the Armed Forces Military Command. He was shocked to learn that his girlfriend was an espionage campaign sent directly from the North Korean Security Agency. And Won Jeong-hwa testified that Hwang had already known that he was a spy, but that he hid himself and helped him perform his mission.

However, this was the beginning for Lieutenant Hwang. Lieutenant Hwang insisted on his innocence, but admitted to the charges due to the pressure of an investigator forcing him to confess, and Lieutenant Hwang was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for violating the National Security Law and was removed from his military uniform.

Won Jeong-hwa, which became a hot topic for his outstanding appearance at the time, was called a beauty spy and was featured on a daily basis under the title of'Korean version of Mata Hari'. And now, 12 years later, Mr. Hwang has set out to reveal his resentment.

Won Jung-hwa said, "After dropping out of middle school, I was chosen by the chairman of the Socialist Labor Youth Alliance at the age of 15, and studied at the organizational department during the day and at the political college at night." I was selected."

Also, get training to infiltrate South Korea.

At the age of 25, he was selected as an agent and worked in China. He revealed that he participated in the search for defectors, kidnapping and repatriation of Korean businessmen.

He also explained that he deceived his status as a Korean-Chinese, married a Korean man, entered the country after pregnancy, and engaged in work activities such as collecting information about the US military.

In response, an expert said, "It's all novels. What 15-year-olds know what to do. Venus Political University is where adults go. There is no secretary in Sarocheong. And there is no night class at the university where Mr. Won attended," he argued. I said it was.

He also added, "If you do a peacock activity, you have to take responsibility for yourself, but it is impossible to say that you want to become pregnant. It makes no sense to go to Korea while pregnant."

And he said, "There is no 805 training center that Won Jeong-hwa trained, and there are 815 training centers," he said. "I passed the information about the US military base, but when I look at the satellite map, it is difficult to see such a military secret."

In addition, a former spy said about the case of Won Jeong-hwa, "It's a story that appears in movies. If you don't have money, you won't do it. Even if North Korea doesn't have money, it doesn't ask you to make it yourself."

Won Jung-hwa's ex-husband said, "I met as a matchmaker. I didn't feel like a spy at all," and said, "After marriage, I ran away from home and asked for money. I think I gave 10 million won, but I broke up before giving birth. I saw later my child. Nor was it" he said.

In fact, it turned out that Won Jeong-hwa also requested money several times in the name of child support from the past partner, the child's father.

At the time, the investigative agency revealed that the superior who gave orders to Won Jeong-hwa was his stepfather.

As evidence, I listened to the Chosun Workers Party member card confiscated from his house and the shortwave radio used when receiving orders from the North.

Then Mr. Won's stepfather asked, "How would you receive orders with this? And if you were a spy, would you have such a party membership card?"

Won Jung-hwa's stepfather was later found acquitted for insufficient evidence.

He said, "I was ridiculous to see Won Jeong-hwa registered in the encyclopedia. What kind of North Korean spy is the kid who did not attend high school and had all kinds of accidents? Matahari will cry in hell." "I helped my family to escape from North Korea again and again."

In addition, he said, "There are more than 10 men who said they were going to marry, but they took money out of the money on condition of marriage." He said, "He is a human being who has become a spy on his own. 100% is all lies." did.

According to the voice recording he released, Won Jeong-hwa was accused of being a spy by someone, and said that he had made a false statement in fear.

He insisted, "To be honest, he said he would let him live like Kim Hyun-hee. So he lied and said he was the Ministry of National Security."

At the time, investigators heard his confession and statements from people around him about the evidence that Won Jeong-hwa was a spy.

However, the people who were actually agents at the time said, "I don't know all of the people in the judgment. If Won Jeong-hwa worked at that time, there should be a name that I can know, but only those who do not know at all."

And an expert in North Korea at the time said, "We laughed among us when we heard about the expeditionary incident at the time. What kind of spy is he? Is the kid who went to the boy's correctional school also a spy?"

In fact, at the time, North Korea reported that it was a fabricated scam about the spy case, which contrasted with the silent response to previous events.

A reporter who continued to report on the case said, "So, the initial investigative director, said that he could not be a spy against Won Jeong-hwa. He continued to protest about this, but he was tolerated, and eventually suffered from mental illness, but was extreme. I made a choice and passed away."

At that time, according to Mr. So's claim, investigators gave Won Jeong-hwa first the bomb wine, and asked him to admit that he was a spy, saying that he would let him live like Kim Hyun-hee.

Then, what was the reason why Won Jeong-hwa had to be made a spy or a big figure?

Mr. So said, "The Lee Myung-bak administration at that time was a good news for the expeditionary incident," he speculated that the reason was that it actually served as an opportunity to calm the candlelight protests.

Won Jung-hwa, who is currently a spy after being released, tells her experiences through broadcasts or lectures.

In particular, he made even more exaggerated arguments than he had testified in the past.

In response, the expert analyzed, "There will be much more to gain than you lose while living as a spy. There will be money coming from it, such as appearing on broadcasts and instructor activities, and this would have been an opportunity to restore your self-esteem."

In addition, he added, "It seems that his theatrical character also played a part," and "it seems to be an action driven by a desire to receive constant recognition and attention."

Mr. Hwang continued to deny the charges at the time, but at some point he came to admit it.

The National Security Law said that it was life imprisonment or the death penalty, and that if you admit it, you only need to take off your military uniform.

However, none of the investigation videos at the time was captured.

Hwang said, "There is a long empty part in the video," and there are parts that were not recorded and disappeared.

And Mr. Hwang argued that "a high-ranking person who did not reveal who he was came as an investigator and showed me the newspaper data containing the statement of Won Jeong-hwa."

And the high-ranking investigator kept encouraging him to tell the truth, and he eventually admitted the charges.

At that time, Mr. Hwang also exchanged letters with Won Jeong-hwa.

And through Won Jeong-hwa's letter, he was putting pressure on him to keep his confession.

In response, an expert analyzed, "I let accomplices write letters. It is impossible in a general case. This can be said to have been ordered by an investigation agency."

In relation to Mr. Hwang's retrial, he said, "There is a person who can investigate, but an unidentified person is conducting an investigation. It is definitely illegal."

"If Won Jeong-hwa is not a spy, his sin does not hold. And even if Won Jeong-hwa proves that he did not inform the accused that he was a spy, the sin against Mr. Hwang would collapse." Any one of the two premises is true. He said he had to prove it wasn't.

Hwang went directly to Won Jeong-hwa.

Asking to tell the truth for retrial.

However, Won Jeong-hwa refused to talk with him and called the police to drive him out.

Then I called him back and said, "I'll report it even if you're coming for a hundred or a thousand years," he said coldly, saying, "Let's live a little comfortably. I'm not interested in your reconsideration. Let's not see it in the next few decades."

So, who was an early investigator at the time, argued, "The investigators shared 100 million dollars of money. Some of them were spent on expeditionary expenses, but it was a condition to shut their mouths."

North Korean defectors who had similar experiences appeared.

They said, "I would give you money to live like Kim Hyun-hee. So I thought to become a spy."

And the investigators who caught the spies at the time were given preferential treatment such as first-class special treatment, so the investigators who were also eager to catch the spies, they paid enough price to the spies.

Won Jeong-hwa also told his stepfather that he was regularly receiving money from investigators.

In addition, it turned out that the investigator, who was in charge of the case of Won Jeong-hwa, the successor to Mr. So, received special promotions and commendations after this incident.

Accordingly, the production team turned to investigators at the time to confirm whether the suspicion was true.

However, most investigators could have refused to meet and only met one person.

At the time, the investigator argued that there was no problem with the fact that Won Jeong-hwa was a spy, saying, "There was a lot of evidence at the time.

And he said, "By the way, we have to talk on the premise that Won Jeong-hwa is not a well-educated human. We approached the soldiers and all that was for survival," he said.

At the time, Mr. So claimed that Won Jeonghwa was also a victim of the Wonjeonghwa incident.

At the time, Mr. Won, who was held hostage to his 6-year-old daughter, was supposed to have had to make such a decision.

In the past, Lieutenant Lieutenant Hwang said, "Won Jung-hwa is recognized and pretended as an espionage. Only when those things are eradicated can the numerous social side effects caused by the campaign can be eliminated."

And Mr. Hwang said, "The state shouldn't do this to individuals. And I want Won Jeong-hwa to tell the truth even if he thinks about me. He will also be a victim, so I hope that he will reveal the truth and talk about it now so that this will not happen again" said.

However, contrary to Mr. Hwang's wish, Mr. Won refused both the production crew's request for coverage and telephone connections.

Hwang's dream was robbed by the Won Jeong-hwa incident, and his stepfather was also branded as a criminal.

And a police officer, who felt heavy responsibility at the time, made an extreme choice, and the spy incident followed, resulting in many victims.

Accordingly, the broadcast requested that Won Jeong-hwa, who failed to adapt to capitalism and made an unavoidable choice, put down the heavy name of a spy and find the true face hidden in lies.

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jeong)