China News Service, Beijing, November 20 (Chen Hang) The Beijing Meteorological Department said on the 20th that due to the combined effects of cold air and southerly air currents, according to the latest analysis of meteorological data, it is expected that Beijing will usher in from the morning to the day of the 21st In the first snowfall of this winter, there were light to moderate snow in the plains and moderate to heavy snow in the mountainous areas; after the snowfall, there were northerly winds of magnitude 3 and 4.

  The temperature in Beijing has dropped significantly after the snow, and the minimum temperature will drop to about -5°C.

According to Beijing's first snow standard, this snowfall phenomenon will reach its first snow, which is earlier than November 29th when the first snow occurs in Beijing.

  According to the Beijing Meteorological Department, the temperature has dropped significantly due to the snowfall, and the body feels cold.

It is expected that the highest temperature during the day will drop to 3 to 5°C from 21st to 22nd; the lowest temperature at night will be -5 to -2°C, and the lowest temperature in mountainous areas will reach around -8°C.

  It is reported that the difficulty of forecasting this process is the phase of precipitation, because whether the snowflakes melt during the falling process depends on the vertical temperature distribution in the sky. At present, it is early winter, and the middle and low-level temperature is near the critical point of the phase transition of rain and snow, so There are certain uncertainties in the prediction of precipitation phase in plain areas, and the phenomenon of rain and snow conversion may occur.

In addition, the daytime surface temperature in the urban area is expected to be above 0°C, and snowflakes may melt quickly after falling on the ground, and no obvious snow accumulation is expected.

  The Beijing Meteorological Department reminded that there will be significant snowfall on the 21st, and the low surface temperature will easily cause snow accumulation and road icing. People should pay attention to traffic safety and choose public transportation as much as possible; the wind will be strong during the night of the 21st to the 22nd. , The wind-cold effect is obvious, pay attention to add clothes to keep warm when going out to prevent colds.

People who burn coal for heating should pay attention to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.