Aum case Aleph ordered 1 billion yen in damages Final decision Supreme Court November 19, 11:52

In a trial in which an organization supporting victims of a series of incidents asked Aleph, who changed his name from Aleph, to pay compensation of over 1 billion yen, which was unpaid, the Supreme Court said that Aleph side The decision to dismiss the appeal was finalized and the decision ordering full payment was finalized.

The Aleph Crime Victim Support Organization, which supports victims and bereaved families of a series of incidents caused by Aleph, paid Aleph unpaid compensation of more than 1.02 billion yen. I asked.

The support organization received a claim for compensation from the bankruptcy trustee of Aleph in 2009, but the Aleph side insisted that the transfer of the claim to the support organization was invalid and was in dispute.

The first trial rejected Aleph's claim and ordered full payment, and the Tokyo High Court of the second trial also said, "The reason for transferring the claim is to respond to the fact that Aleph's payment did not proceed and it took a long time, so it is rational. "There is," he ordered to pay the full amount of more than 1.02 billion yen.

Aleph had appealed this, but Judge Hayashi Michiharu of the Supreme Court's Third Small Court decided to dismiss by the 19th, and the decision ordering Aleph to pay the full amount was finalized.