On Wednesday morning, two men tried to rob stylist and presenter Fred van Leer at the front door of his house in Rotterdam.

He confirms this himself in a video on Instagram, after reporting from various Dutch media.

Van Leer says he has been threatened with a firearm and has a bruised rib.

Various media report that the stylist was taken to hospital as a precaution, but that is not true, says Van Leer.

The robbers were dressed in a PostNL outfit and one of the men was wearing a wig.

Various media also report that Van Leer was hit by the robbers.

According to him, this is also incorrect.

"Do you know who has been hit? Those guys who were down the stairs," said Van Leer on Instagram.

In the video on Instagram, van Leer says he is going to report it. He closes with the words, "Look carefully when you open the door."