17 people from Indonesia arriving at Kansai Airport are positive. Pre-departure test is negative. November 18, 19:19

On the 11th of this month, 17 people who arrived at Kansai Airport from Indonesia were found to have been positive for the antigen test for the new coronavirus.

All of them have a certificate that the test before leaving Indonesia was negative, and the quarantine station and others are investigating the details of the infection.

According to the quarantine station at Kansai Airport, 17 women in their teens to 20s who arrived on a direct flight from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, were found to be positive for the new coronavirus antigen test on the 11th of this month.

All of them are asymptomatic on arrival and are being treated at a hotel in Osaka prefecture.

It is said that there are several cases where people arriving from overseas test positive at the airport quarantine station every day, but more than 10 outbreaks were confirmed at the quarantine station at Kansai Airport. It is the first time.

All 17 had proof that they had a negative test within 72 hours before leaving Indonesia.

The quarantine station and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare have said that although it is possible that the test was positive after the test, it will be necessary to confirm the reliability of the negative certificate if such cases occur one after another. I am investigating in detail.

Regarding the border measures for the new coronavirus, the government has allowed foreigners with medium- to long-term status of residence to enter the country since last month, and all 17 people have status of residence and all of them were planning to go to Hiroshima prefecture. is.