While the rank manipulation of the production crew of Mnet's'Produce 101' has been revealed to be true, the girl group IZone has announced a comeback next month and the wave is spreading.

According to music officials, IZone has confirmed December 7 as the release date of the new album, and will appear at the '2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)' held on December 6, the day before their comeback, and through'MAMA' It is expected to have a comeback stage.

However, the public's gaze right at IZone's comeback is cold.

It is because there were trainees who were unfairly eliminated due to the production crew's ranking manipulation even in season 3 of'Produce 101' when IZone was born.

At the appeal trial trial against PD Ahn Mo and CP Kim Mo held at the Seoul High Court on the 18th, the court revealed a list of trainees who were unjustly eliminated from the'Produce 101' series.

Among them, two trainees who were unfairly eliminated in'Produce 101' season 3 and could not debut were included.

According to the judges, Lee Ga-eun actually ranked 5th in the final ranking in the 4th poll of the season 3, but was eliminated.

It has not been specifically confirmed which members benefited from IZone.

However, in a situation where the unfair victims of the rank manipulation of'Produce 101' season 3 have not received relief, the backlash is spreading that IZone's active activities are secondary damage to the victims.

IZone's disorganization rumors are also raising their heads again.

Some are forecasting that IZone will be disbanded in April of next year, when the two years and six months of activities will end.

In response, the agency of IZone drew a line saying, "It has not been decided whether or not to disband."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)