Heleen van Royen realizes that the life events she describes in her new book

Mother, daughter, mistress have

not only happened to her, the writer tells

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"For me this book is about universal stories", says Van Royen.

"They may be events from my life, but at the same time they are stories about the things that everyone experiences: about becoming a mother, being a daughter, mourning someone's death, having a grandchild, falling in love."

"I'm not the only one that happens. I can just write it down nicely."


Mother, daughter, mistress

, Van Royen discusses, among other things, the death of her mother in 2018. The writer made a documentary about her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

"It only made her happier, softer and kinder", Van Royen assesses the condition responsible for dementia.

"My belated memories of her are only beautiful. I wouldn't mind if it ended that way for me too."

Mother, daughter, mistress

appeared on November 13.


Heleen van Royen and son Sam think back to the beginning of grandmother's dementia