Actor Kim Sun-ho has revealed a special story of becoming a'mincho-dan' who likes the taste of mint chocolate.

On the 7th, Sun-ho Kim communicated with fans through live broadcasting.

While answering a variety of questions from fans, Kim Sun-ho

introduced one episode to

a fan's question,


you like mint chocolate?"

"Eating mint chocolate ice cream makes me feel praised."

Mint Choco, which boasts a sweet and sweet taste, is famous for being sharply crushed by likes and dislikes. Kim Seon-ho said,

"When I was studying theater, my professor liked mint chocolate. So whenever I praised my acting, I fed mint chocolate ice cream. "


gave it to you"

and explained that thanks to the good memories at the time, eating mint chocolate ice cream made me feel praised and liked it.

To this, netizens showed pleasant reactions such as "Pavlov's preference", "If I were me, I would have been a professor, but the person is nice", and "Injection-style mint choco education".

Kim Sun-ho, who recently appeared in the tvN drama'Startup' and gained great popularity, showed a happy smile saying, "I am so grateful that I am loved so much. I will do it often in the future."

In addition, Kim Seon-ho drew attention by showing a cute question to the staff, not knowing that the live broadcast end button was not pressed.

(Photo = Kim Sun-ho Instagram, Naver V LIVE broadcast screen capture)

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