Isabel Cacho, director of TVE Magazines, has resigned due to disagreement with the decisions of Enric Hernández, director of Information and News of the corporation.

The journalist has stood before the landing of a team of at least 25 people hired through a production company to form the writing of the new program of Jesús Cintora, brand new signing for the noon of La 1.

As EL MUNDO has learned, Cacho has announced this week that he is leaving his position, and has expressed to different colleagues the impression that it is Hernández who really does and undoes in the area of ​​magazines (and news) that she supposedly leads.

Cacho would not have been able to impose his criteria for

the morning strip, remodeled by Hernández

in this new season and with the format

Las things clear

as the latest addition.

TVE has created a new morning, with

La hora de La 1

, a magazine presented by Mònica López.

Next, different formats have been tested that have not yet found their place, as is the case of the

Blocked by the wall


, which has already been canceled.

Other spaces have lost their daily presence, such as the emblematic



Hernández's current plan is

for La 1 hour to

be extended until 1:00 p.m. and that, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., until the news, Cintora will be with its format.

However, it was the signing of that journalist, who was ending his contract with Atresmedia, that triggered the resignation.

All the sources of the chain consulted say they understand the incorporation of that journalist, who did not have his own program in Atresmedia, but they disagree with the fact that

a production company has been used that hires at least 25 informants


A premiere that will go "to justice"

In informational programs, such as the

news programs


the Weekly Report

, production must by law be completely internal, with RTVE staff, where 6,400 professionals work.

For entertainment or current affairs, the regulations are open to the entry of producers, and according to Hernández the new program fits into that area of ​​News that he himself leads and from which Cacho would come.

For their part, the workers' representatives believe that this will not be a current space, but an informative one, and for this reason they are

willing to bring "to justice"

the entry of an external company and the creation of a newsroom that already exists. branded as



The format in question opens on Monday, will be broadcast from Monday to Friday and has had the company LACOproducora, owned by José Miguel Contreras, founder of La Sexta.

The technical realization of

Las cosas clara

would correspond to the chain, which has hosted the new team in Prado del Rey.

Cacho, a journalist with a fixed position at RTVE since 2007, had edited

La Mañana de La 1

, with María Casado, a program and a presenter that Hernández has taken off the grill.

The journalist became the head of Magazines and has had to answer for the new morning slot promoted by Hernández, with

La hora de la 1

and soon also

Las cosas clear

, although at the moment the audience data are lower than those of the previous grill, from which

The Breakfasts

have also fallen

, with Xavier Fortes.

Cacho's would not be the first resignation caused by disagreements with Hernández, appointed by the sole provisional administrator Rosa María Mateo.

The head of Territorial Centers,

Cristina Ortiz

, left her post in July when she understood that she was not making the decisions that were being carried out.

The number 2 of that department,

Cristina Martínez

, also left, like

Fernando Martín

, who directed Radio 5. Mateo had previously dispensed with

Paloma Zuriaga

, director of Radio Nacional, and

Raúl Heitzmann

, head of RNE News, when both collided with Hernandez.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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