Beijing will last until the end of February next year

  Do your homework before getting the vaccine

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that free vaccination has been launched. Primary and middle school students will be vaccinated by schools and vaccination clinics. The elderly should wear masks instead of gathering together.

At the same time, 480 self-funded influenza vaccination points have been set up in the city. Individuals who are willing to receive vaccination can make an appointment before the end of February 2021.

At the same time, the CDC also recommends that the public arrange vaccinations reasonably according to unified organization and advance appointment methods, order vaccinations, and choose to make appointments at a vaccination clinic near their place of residence. Do not make more appointments to avoid waste of resources.

  It should be noted that there are five common senses that you need to understand before getting the flu vaccine.

  Who in particular needs flu vaccine?

  People who are at a higher risk of influenza, and those who have close contact with high-risk people.

Including medical and health care personnel; people over 60 years old; staff in nursing homes, nursing homes and other chronic disease nursing institutions; infants and young children aged 6-59 months; suffering from chronic lung diseases (including asthma), cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, liver diseases, blood Adults and children with chronic diseases or metabolic diseases (including diabetes); adults and children with chronic neurological diseases (such as cognitive impairment, spinal cord injury, or other neuromuscular diseases, etc.); children and adolescents who have received aspirin treatment for a long time ( 6-18 years old); people who live in nursing homes, nursing homes and other chronic disease care institutions for a long time; women who plan to become pregnant during the flu season; and family members of infants younger than 59 months old, seniors older than 60 years, and other people at high risk of influenza , And those who look after and care for them, especially those who look after babies under 6 months of age.

  Who is not suitable for flu vaccine?

  People who are not suitable for vaccination include those who are allergic to the ingredients contained in the vaccine, including excipients, formaldehyde, Triton X-100, etc.; those with severe allergies; those with a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome; uncontrolled epilepsy and other progressive nerves Patients with systemic diseases; critical patients with various diseases should be used with caution; patients with acute fever, acute infection, and acute onset of chronic diseases should be vaccinated after recovery.

  In addition to the above phenomena, it should be used with caution for those who are unwell and whose contraindications are difficult to grasp.

  It is worth mentioning that according to my country's 2015 edition and the latest 2020 edition of the "Pharmacopoeia", "egg allergy" is no longer a taboo for influenza vaccination.

  What preparations should be made before flu vaccination?

  Before vaccination, you should make the following preparations: understand the contraindications of the flu vaccine; understand your own physical condition. If you are not sure whether you belong to the people who are prohibited from using flu vaccines with caution, you should go to the vaccination clinic to consult your doctor. The outpatient doctor will help you determine whether you can get vaccinated; take a good rest and keep your body in a better physiological state; learn about the location of vaccination clinics on official websites such as the National Health Commission and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and get vaccinated nearby.

  What should I pay attention to when vaccinating?

  On the day of vaccination, remember not to vaccinate on an empty stomach.

Don't forget to ask for an informed consent form for vaccination from the outpatient doctor, and fill in the informed consent form truthfully.

After the inoculation, you need to stay at the inoculation point for 30 minutes.

After going home, try to keep the inoculation site clean and dry.

And pay attention to the physical signs within one day after vaccination. If you have persistent fever, you can go to the nearest hospital for medical treatment, and consult and report to the doctor of the vaccination unit.

  Text / reporter Li Jie