Former college student abandoning baby's body "A baby affects job hunting" November 11, 12:34

The Metropolitan Police Department re-arrested a former female college student who was arrested for abandoning the body of a newborn baby in a park in central Tokyo for strangling and killing him shortly after giving birth.

At that time, he stated that he was looking for a job and said, "I thought it would have an impact if I had a baby."

The person who was re-arrested was Koyuri Kitai (23), a former female university student in Kobe.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, it is suspected that he killed a baby girl he gave birth in a toilet at Haneda Airport in Tokyo last November.

Kitai was arrested on the 1st of this month on suspicion of abandoning his body in a ward park in Minato Ward, Tokyo. is.

At that time, Kitai went to Tokyo many times to become a flight attendant for an airline company and was looking for a job. "I didn't tell anyone about my pregnancy. I thought about raising a child as a single mother, but I was looking for a job. I thought it would affect the situation. "

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the situation at that time in more detail.