Sven Wollter was active in Norrköping, Gothenburg and Stockholm theaters, among others.

See excerpts from Wollter's life on stage and hear him talk about theater life in the clip.

Gusten (Sven Wollter) and Madam Flod (Sif Ruud) from the recording of Hemsöborna.

Sent for the first time in 1966. Photo: Bertil S-son Åberg / SVT

Sven Wollter together with former partner Viveka Seldahl, 1991. They played against each other several times during their careers.

Among other things in the first two Änglagårds films.

Photo: Bertil S-son Åberg / SVT

Commissioner Kurt Wallander (Rolf Lassgård) and Commissioner Rydberg (Sven Wollter) in Murderer without a Face by Henning Mankell.

Picture from 1995. Photo: Allan Olofsson / SVT

Sven Wollter during the filming of the third Änglagårds film.