A 3rd Canadian black wolf captured alive in Vésubie.


French Biodiversity Office

And three.

On Saturday, a large black wolf from Canada which had escaped from Alpha Park located in Saint-Martin-Vésubie (Alpes-Maritimes), was captured alive after being put to sleep by means of a hypodermic arrow shot.

The day before, another of its congeners had been recovered under the same conditions, told

20 Minutes

the French Office for Biodiversity, which coordinates the operation.

The fugitives had been wandering the area for over a month, when their enclosure was destroyed by Storm Alex on October 2.

Search operations continue

The first wolf of this pack, which has seven, had been captured on October 12.

Three other wolves, of a European species, had been recovered from their hermetic enclosure and transferred to the Sanctuary of the Wolves, a park located in Deux-Sèvres.

Monday, the French Office for Biodiversity further specifies at

20 Minutes

that there are still four wolves from Canada, as well as a fifth Arctic white wolf, roaming around.

Operations to capture them continue.


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