I had to keep looking at the three faint rays of light with my eyes open.

My eyes were blind, but I couldn't close my eyes.

The three beams of light shattered or distorted like the lights of a child in the rain on the windshield of a car, and flashed so that the shape was hard to recognize.

For a moment, I was in a dark time when nothing was seen.

I was embarrassed as if I was in outer space, but I couldn't move.

Fortunately, the physical pain was not significant thanks to the anesthetic in the eye.

(Unless you include mental pain in physical pain.) I had

cataract surgery.

It was the most unusual experience among the procedures and surgeries I had ever had.

If you want to compare it, you may have to say that it is close to the gastroscopy you receive during a medical examination.

Something that shouldn't come in is a situation where I have to endure helplessly when I do something by'invading' or'breaking in' my body.

(I take an examination with my mind instead of a sleep endoscopy.)

The operation seems to go well thanks to meeting a skilled ophthalmologist.

First, the right eye was operated, and after a week, the left eye was also operated.

But the week in the middle was hard work.

Because of my high myopia, the difference in vision between both eyes was so severe that I couldn't see things properly, but it was also difficult to see things because of the mess.

In the meantime, I had an unexpected experience.

The right eye that was operated on looks like that, and the left eye that was still before surgery was difficult to see, so I often close one eye alternately and compare how the other eye looks.

However, the world seen with the operated right eye and the unoperated left eye was different!

The world seen with the right eye, which had an intraocular lens implanted after surgery, was a world that gave my color because of the white balance, while the world seen with the left eye without surgery was like a world seen wearing yellow sunglasses.

It's like turning on the blue screen cutoff filter.

Even though the left eye was a normal eye without any symptoms of cataract.

My doctor told me that in my 40s, even a normal person with no cataract symptoms may look different from my color to my eyes.

Perhaps the color of the lens is bound to change as the ages of the eye fall.

In the meantime, I sometimes ran into disagreements with young designers or video editors when discussing the color of graphics or color correction of video content.

Sometimes I felt differently even though I had the same color.

"Isn't this red too honest red?"

"The color itself is fine, but how about subtracting the yellow flag?"

"I wish it would be more turquoise blue." It's

pure color (coordinate value on the color palette), but it won't change, but the color may be subjective based on personal experience. I did.

However, it was surprising to learn that during cataract surgery, the actual objective colors can be seen differently from person to person or by age.

By replacing the lens that I had from birth with an artificial lens, I also reduced the materiality of human beings, which was unavoidable.

"Sometimes, some older people who have had cataract surgery are surprised by the color of the world and objects that are so different from what they normally see," he said.

When cataracts are severe, there are cases where the color before and after surgery is different enough to be embarrassing in everyday life.

There are frequently used expressions related to the eyes in the press or in everyday life.

These are words like'shortsighted measures' and'wearing sunglasses'.

(As a person who has been nearsighted for a long time, if this expression feels discriminatory, would it be a pro-inconvenient idea?)

It turns out that we all wear sunglasses.

With aging, even if the cataract has not arrived, the lens changes, making it impossible to see the original color reflected by an object.

Physical filtering takes place.

Is it just the eyes of the body?

The same goes for the eyes of the mind.

Each one sees the world and observes the world through limited experience, knowledge, and emotional strain.

Especially, this phenomenon will get worse as you get older.

There is a word for'myeonggyeongjisu' that originates from'jangja'.

It means that someone is like a clean mirror and still water to reflect on.

Unless you are an accomplished wise man or an enlightened person, it is difficult to maintain a clean mirror that is untimely and clean as a human being.

The same goes for a state of calm mind that does not flow.

There is always a time for each person, but the attitude that only I did not wear sunglasses and that I was the only one was right.

Looking back at the polarized elections of the world's most powerful countries, we look back at human beings who are vulnerable to sunglasses.

(In fact, I don't even have to look so far across the Pacific Ocean) At least, "I'm wearing sunglasses like this, and what percentage of the visible light transmittance of these sunglasses is" would be the starting point for solving the problem.

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