[Explanation] On November 7th, the 13th New Oriental Family Education Summit Forum was held in Beijing. Many domestic and foreign education experts and scholars attended the forum to talk about the frontier theories of family education, the division of labor and cooperation among schools, society and families in education. .

At the forum site, Yu Minhong, chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group, said in his speech that during the epidemic, the time children spend with their parents has increased, which also highlights the current problems in Chinese family education.

  [Concurrent] Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group

  I think this time the epidemic has actually made parents aware of problems in family education in China.

For example, the anxiety generated and the tension between the children and the children. This is why so many parents finally look forward to going to school as soon as the epidemic is over. In fact, the parents still feel that I (hand the children) to the school, as a parent It's easier to say.

When children spend too much time with their parents, the question of how to build a closer relationship with the children has not really been resolved.

  [Explanation] Yu Minhong believes that in the current family education process, in addition to cultivating children's independent personality, it is also very important for children to establish a sense of rules through scientific and equal communication and consultation.

  [Concurrent] Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group

  It is often easier for parents to give orders to their children, because they are parents and it is easy to be condescending.

But in fact, I don't know what the child thinks about this matter.

So when you ask your child to obey a rule, when you follow the principle, you have to explain clearly why you should abide by the rule and principle, and you really have to discuss it with your child.

In addition, as long as the child does not make principled mistakes and does not make the mistake of breaking the bottom line, I think that children should be given enough freedom so that children will feel that staying with their parents is a safe and relaxed state. In fact, the other way around Instead, children will think about what I have done too much that will make my parents unhappy.

  [Explanation] In addition, in family education, it is equally important for parents to establish a correct concept of success.

Some parents "only grades" and "only go to school", in order to enhance their children's competitiveness, they have added a large number of cram schools to their children. Yu Minhong also expressed his views on this.

  [Concurrent] Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group

  The Ministry of Education said that advanced training is not allowed. I think I particularly recognize this. I always think that training is to make up for the difference, not to make the best.

In principle, your child is at an intermediate level or above in the class, so don’t take any tuition.

Because tutoring eliminates the ability of children to learn by themselves and complete tasks on their own, but also allows children to rely on external forces to participate in the competition. This competition may not be sustainable.

So in this sense, parents add so many training courses to their children, hoping that the children rush to the front of the class, because the surrounding children have been trained to bring great anxiety to themselves, so that they sacrifice all the happy time of the children , I think this is a particularly uneconomical thing.

  [Explanation] Yu Minhong said that parents should fully respect their children's interest characteristics so that they can develop on a path that suits them.

In the future, the education system and evaluation system also need to be further improved. Only in this way can parents really let go of their concerns and family education can return to its essence.

  [Concurrent] Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group

  That's what I said just now.

The difficulty of teaching in Chinese middle and high schools should be greatly reduced; my second suggestion is to allow children to develop on their own strengths. From elementary school to middle and high school, they can develop super specialties in a certain subject and field; third So, college education needs to be strengthened. What is the most important thing for our Chinese children now? The middle and high schools are in a mess when it's time to play, and there is nothing to do in college.

Because parents must be guided by the country's education policy, I personally think that the change in family education must start with the school education system or the education system reform (start).

  Cheng Yu reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Zhou Zhaojun]